From 'eye movements' AI to 'read character' is developed

It is said that you can read the thoughts and emotions that you are thinking from the movement of the line of sight. Research teams such as Tobias · Letchel, who are studying neuropsychology at the University of South Australia, are able to distinguish their personality by letting AI analyze eye movements.

Frontiers | Eye Movements during Everyday Behavior Predict Personality Traits | Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

This AI Can Predict Your Personality Type Simply by Watching Your Eyes

"By using machine learning , letting AI learn" movement of our eyes "and the various" personality traits "related to it, we can predict personality," he said. We talked about explaining that we succeeded in developing AI to judge personality from 'movement of eyes'.

In order to verify the judgment accuracy of AI, the research team gathered 50 subjects and measured eye movements of subjects with eye tracking software. Based on the measured data, we characterize in 5 items of "Neuroticism", "Extraversion", "Openness to Experience", "Agreeableness", "Consinessiousness" AI analyzed the personality character of subjects in a five - factor model to measure. Together with the measurement, the research team is conducting a questionnaire to examine which personality character of the subject the subject has, and it is verifying how accurately the measurement accuracy of AI actually was.

Then, the AI ​​developed by the research team was shown to be able to distinguish personality trait correctly to some extent from the eye movements of the subjects. However, we can not make a judgment with high precision, and the probability is only 15% higher than "accidentally make mistake in personality traits". In the aspect of practicality of AI future improvement is necessary, but it was shown that AI is technically possible to judge personality from 'movement of eyes'.

The research team says, "If this technology can be realized with higher precision, it will be possible to make something like a virtual assistant read the mood and personality of the user." In the future, And the robot will be an essential technology in order to communicate more smoothly.

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