The bizarre who changed the car washer to a water supply machine by remodeling the car

Generally, the washer installed in the hood of a car has the function of injecting detergent onto the windshield, which is useful when the windshield becomes dirty. However, a crazy person who thought "It would be convenient if remodeling to make a drink using the mechanism of this washer?" Has appeared. Daniel Tillotson of YouTuber who remodeled the car explains what kind of usability of the water supply machine actually is.

Modifying my washer fluid to squirt juice in my mouth - YouTube

"Please never imitate what you will do from now," said Tillathon, who is about to turn car washers into water supply machines.

Mr. Tillotson says, "The first thing we have to do is to drain the washer fluid," he said, disconnecting the tube connected to the washer ... ...

Put the removed tube in an empty container.

Run washer and transfer all contents of washer tank to empty container.

Since the washer tank became empty, I want to place drinks. However, if you put a drink as it is, it will mix with wash liquor harmful to the human body remaining in the washer tank, so it is not something you can drink. So, Mr. Tillotson put water in the red container held in his hand ... ...

Pour water into the washer tank.

Run washers and wash tanks and tubes with water. I repeat this many times.

And Tirathon who prepared a glass of water tells the camera with a serious expression that "I am testing from now."

First, put the water of the cup in the washer tank ... ...

Run washer and try to return the water that I put in the empty cup.

Then, transparent water turned white water.

Tirlishon who thought "Maybe you can drink" may be included in your mouth ......

I spit quickly. "It's not something you can drink very much."

Tirathon who thought "It is because of the tube that I can not drink" prepared a vinyl tube with an inner diameter of 3.2 mm ... ...

Place a vinyl tube in the washer tube so that all liquid in the washer tank passes through this tube.

Pass the other end of the vinyl tube inside the car and set the tip of the tube at the position where the liquid in the tank reaches the mouth of the driver. This completes the water supply machine.

Finally set the drink in the washer tank and ready. Mr. Tillotson chooses a raspberry taste of a drink to be used for the test.

After setting a drink, start driving.

If you push the washer button, you will get drinks from the vinyl tube. Because I can drink it without leaving my eyes from the front, I can probably drive safely ... ....

Because the distance from the tube to the mouth is far away, if you stop the washer, it spills reliably.

Mr. Tillotson pushes the button many times to test the water supply machine and drinks the combat ... ...

I talk about impression that "It is a soap like taste", it seems that there is dissatisfaction with the taste. It seems that it was impossible to remove all of the washer fluid with just washing with water.

After the experiment, Mr. Tillotson's shirt became Vichabicha and the water supply machine seemed to have difficulty in practicality.

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