Major Leagues to use AWS's machine learning technology to reflect various information during matches on real time broadcasting

by Brandon Mowinkel

American Major League Baseball (MLB) deepened collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and announced that it integrates Saber metrics analysis information etc. in real time on television broadcasting and the net using machine learning technology.

MLB, Amazon Web Services continue partnership

Amazon, MLB add machine-learned stats to cloud deal

MLB has already collaborated with AWS in technology and Statcast that analyzes the movement of athletes and balls, but this time, the major league matches new technology to expand the relationship and create interactive user experience It is planned to spread to 30 stadium which is cleared. More detailed statistical data will be integrated into TV and official website and the application " MLB At Bat ".

One specific example of new technology is "real-time pitcher's heat map". Pitcher's pitching in a specific situation, summarize the information on the results by baseball, hourly, weather, and so on, and then display up to what kind of ball is expected to be thrown next It is also possible to do.

At MLB, we are keen to start offering the first statistical information in October 2018 when the postseason starts.

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