Microsoft reveals that it is preparing 'Surprise' for Xbox at Game's Com, the largest game fair in Europe

"Major Nelson" serving as Xbox public relations at Microsoft Microsoft has announced a new announcement for Xbox amongst Europe's largest game-related event which will be held in Germany from August 21, 2018 by Mr. Larry Harveb. I am clarifying what I am doing.

Xbox Is Coming To gamescom |

Microsoft Will Reveal Xbox 'Surprises' at Gamescom - IGN

Mr. Harve talks that he can not wait to participate in Games Com held in August, and he reveals a part on what Xbox announces in the event.

At the Xbox booth of Cologne Messe where Games Com is held, live broadcasting of the event and special video of the Xbox official information program " Inside Xbox " will be screened. Also, from 16:30 on August 21 local time, "Xbox One's new bundle", "new accessories" and "future game titles to be released" will be announced to be announced. The state of the announcement will be distributed on, Mixer , Twitch , YouTube , Facebook , Twitter .

According to Mr. Harve, there are 25 titles scheduled to be released, including some notable titles such as " Forza Horizon 4 " and " Ori | The Will of the Wisps ".

Forza Horizon 4 - E3 2018 - Announce Trailer - YouTube

Originally written on Mr. Harry's blog "It will announce a completely new Xbox hardware", and the successor to Xbox One, which has been rumored in part, " Scarlet " will be announced Although it was predicted, Mr. Haribu changed the description of blog to "Xbox One's new bundle and new accessory", and it has been clarified that it is not the announcement of a new game machine but a new accessory I will.

As for this "new accessory", things like the controller " Xbox Adaptive Controller " for the disabled and the " Sport White Special Edition " of the wireless controller are predicted, but somehow the original era reprinted in 2017 There is also a good possibility that accessories with habits like Xbox controller "Duke" will appear.

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