Major pornographic sites released 'Pornographic movie viewing situation of each country in the World Cup Final match', did the Japanese were interested in the final game?

FIFA World Cup 2018 was the final match between France and Croatia on July 15, 2018 in Russia time. Although the final game has become a fierce battle where points move from the beginning of the game early, France who showed the difference in ground power won 4-2 and has won the second victory since the 1998 France convention. "Pornhub" of a major porn site has released the viewing situation of porn video during this game, and it is clarifying which country other than the country which advanced the piece to the finals was interested in football.

2018 World Cup Final - Pornhub Insights

The graph below shows the proportion of how much communication traffic has increased or decreased on the day of the finals compared with the average amount of Pornhub's usual traffic volume. A country with a high rate of traffic reduction will not be watching porn during that time and you will be able to know how much interest the football was. The vertical axis of the graph shows the decrease rate of the traffic, and the horizontal axis shows the time zone on the day of the final game.

Looking at this graph, at the timing of 14 o'clock just before the start of the match, Croatia (red) is -46%, France (light blue) is -24%, other countries (blue) is -3% Traffic from two countries participating in the battle has drastically decreased. It can be said that the country was not far away from porn because of the final game every four years. At 15 o'clock after the start of the match, Croatia is -68%, France is -51%, other countries are -12%, not only in the two countries, the interest in the World Cup is higher than in porn worldwide I understand this. And at the end of 16 o'clock with the point difference, the interest in the game will be greatly increased to -59% in the victory before France, but Croatia is -63% and the traffic of Pornhub slightly increases. Some Croatian people know that someone who gives up games and is interested in pornography is appearing.

When the game is over, France who won the championship is due to celebrate, people who are interested in pornography are decreasing, but in Croatia of the second winner the football fever suddenly gets cold, and after three hours it is more traffic than usual Record high amount + 7%. In other countries, although the traffic rises a little more than usual after the match, there was not so much change to notice.

The following graph is the order of the countries where the communication traffic has decreased the most during the final game (the porn movie is no longer seen). The 1st and 2nd place are Croatia and France which fought the final game, but Venezuela marked a high rate of decline of -55%, second in line with France. Although Venezuela can not be said to be No. 8 in the South American ranking at the time of article creation and 33 th place in the FIFA ranking and a strong country, it is clear that he has great interest in football. It is also characterized by the fact that many strong countries of football such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Brazil etc. are ranked in, and in the country where football is culturally rooted many people are soccer than porn You can see that you chose.

In addition, Pornhub has published a graph ranking the countries in which the communication traffic volume was large (there was no interest in football) during the final match game. According to this graph, Japan is ranked fourth in the US with 1st place as the United States, 22nd place as Britain, 3rd place as India. Although Japan is the fourth largest in terms of traffic volume, the amount of traffic at the time of the final war has been reduced by only 1% of the average average, and many Japanese are "not interested unless they are in their own country" It seems there were many people who thought. It may be that it is hard to say that soccer culture is still rooted.

French who participated in the finals ranked in 6th despite the fact that the traffic volume has declined greatly to -55%. From this result, it is well understood that many French people use Pornhub to watch pornography.

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