'Cup noodle seafood noodle garlic shrimp taste' with 'shrimp mystery meat' is seasoned with garlic seasoning appetite

Nissin Cup Noodle's "Mystery Meat" called Diesemichi 's material is based on "Pork" and Soybean, but "Shrimp Meat" which adopted "Fish Meat" as a material is classified as a classic noodle classic " " Cup noodle seafood noodle garlic shrimp flavor " added to seafood noodles "has appeared on July 16, 2018 (Monday). I tried eating seafood noodles that used ramen shrimp meat and garlic flavor.

"Cup noodle seafood noodle garlic shrimp taste" (released on July 16) | Nissin Food Group

This is "cup noodle seafood noodle garlic shrimp taste" (180 yen tax excluded). This cup noodle is one of "series of rare seed meat" series, in line with the theme of proposing "a new deliciousness of the mystery meat", which is based on fish meat and soybean as a mystery meat "shrimp mystery meat "Has been adopted.

Contents amount is 72 g (noodle 60 g) The raw materials of soup and noodles are almost the same as normal seafood noodles.

Heat quantity per meal is 324 kcal.

When turning over the lid, you can check the orange 's shaded' Shrimp Meat 'in a mild, thin and brown' Fried garlic '' 'Seasoned egg' '' Negi '.

How to make is the same as normal cup noodles. Turn the lid to about half way and pour hot water to the inner line of the cup.

Return the lid and leave it for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes it is ready. Kayaku smoke hot water, the shrimp meat and flavored egg bulge greatly.

When you drink soup, you can feel the flavor and aroma of seafood. Salty is about the same as seafood noodles. Garlic fragrant slightly after the scent reminiscent of the tide. The presence of garlic is discreet, complementing the leading seafood taste. Of course the compatibility of seafood taste soup with garlic is good.

Noodle is a soft, tiny noodle with slippery cup noodles. Because the soup is often entangled with the noodles, if you rush quickly and vigorously, after the fragrance of seafood, the scent of garlic that puffs and appetite goes through your nose. Every time you squeeze noodles, appetite is stimulated with the scent of garlic so you can not stop sipping noodles.

Shrimp mushy meat fell on the moment of chewing and spreading, I feel the sweetness of the shrimp. It looks like a seafood noodle's crab, but it feels easier to be unraveled with a sweet seasoning than a crab. It is pleasant that the sweetness spreads out in the mouth and it expands quickly within the pinch of "one more ...".

Fried garlic spreads fragrant and thick scent of thick garlic at the moment when it feels a crisp texture.

I prepared a normal seafood noodle and tried to eat it.

When I eat normal seafood noodles, I feel strongly that I think "the smell of the tide was so strong!" I feel the salty taste presence stronger than the garlic shrimp taste. Both of these seafood noodles are hard to apply, but I thought that trying garlic shrimp garlic scented garlic fragrant scent garlic fragrant once at the same price was ant.

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