What is the problem that 'mathematics can not be done'?

With the spread of smartphones, from "simple calculation" to "complicated calculation", it became possible to start out "without using your own head" result. However, many experts say that "you should not abandon computing with your own head", point out the danger of becoming dislocated in the digital age.

BBC - Capital - Why it matters if we become innumerate

Everyday life is full of opportunities to deal with "figures". Calculation is essential, for example, when adjusting the quantity appropriately, such as when making six dishes from a recipe for four people on a cookbook. Calculation is also necessary to compare the price of the item to be reduced and the price of the item which is not. In addition to such simple calculations, it is necessary to make a relatively complicated calculation that can affect life, such as when building a mortgage or when planning future living considering consideration of retirement allowance and pension There is also sex.

Not only inconvenience in everyday life but also a decline in mathematical ability is a big problem even at the national level. There is a research that there is a correlation between citizen's computing skills and unemployment rate, productivity, health, there is also a view that declining people's ability of mathematics means a drop in international competitiveness. Nevertheless, according to a study by the British National Numeracy , British computing capacity tends to decline year by year. The British who has more computing power than "C grade of GCSE test" showing the elementary calculation level has decreased to 22% by 2011, and it is at a critical level. There is a concern that this may cause life or death problems for the UK withdrawing from the EU.

For opinions that worry about such a decrease in computing power, there is an opinion that "Since AI and other machines do not only calculate but also an inference that inference based on mathematics will come soon, there is no problem, There are also voices pointed out the risk of leaving mathematics to. Professor Celia Halls of the University College London said, "The mathematical model is being hidden in the technology, this is a very dangerous thing, we should understand that" computer output results are not magic " "We need to wonder where the numbers came from," he confesses blindly the results of the computer and points out the danger of believing that artificial manipulation is not being done.

Also, Conrad Wolfram of Wolfram Research said, "People are misunderstanding that technology allows us to calculate everything - from tests to fake news, things accompanying figures are sometimes understood categories It is exceeding. "

Many people appreciate the high computing power of computers, but according to Mr. Wolfram, even the most sophisticated computers still can not compare the high level of the human brain. Certainly computers are good at quick calculations and finding trends, but humans are good at making judgments and focusing on subtle things. The most sophisticated AI technology is also realized by training using "good data", and if you mistake the handling mistakenly whether it is intentional or coincidental, the data can be worthless, so if you need the power of human mathematics Thing.

Based on the above, Adrian Bernhard of BBC recommends the following four as the actions that human beings should keep in mind.

· 1: Calculation using your own head - It is important not to rely on smartphone's calculator application every calculation, but to use your own head. Mental arithmetic is not always necessary, it is important to calculate by hand with paper and pen. The act of calculating by oneself requires training, patience and effort are required, but wearing a habit of calculating not only merely trains computing power but also finds mistakes, important points are It also helps to capture the ability to guess something, Bernhard says.

· 2: Pay attention to context - Mr. Hearnbird thinks that real science and Escape science can be distinguished by asking appropriate questions when encountering scientific figures. Also, it is important to keep in mind that 'good statistics' is not mere inference, but clear and rational definitions, accurate measurements, and appropriate samples.

· 3: Use computer wisely <br> Mr. Bernhard claims not to use any computer but to use "smart". We should use the advantages of computers that saves time and helps understand tasks that are difficult to quantify in concept.

· 4: Skeptical <br> The last thing that is important is "skeptical" attitude. In order to use numbers and data, it is important to follow "facts". Sometimes it may be necessary to "drill a hole" for "the number being said to be true." In order to do this work, the power of mathematics is indispensable. Without mathematical education, "It can not get the whole picture of the story," says Bernhard.

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