German police stepped into the members of the group related to 'Tor' software which performs highly anonymous communication

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Zwiebelfreunde 's executive's home to support projects that will secure privacy and anonymity on the Internet will be forcibly searched by the German police's claim that it is related to "violent protests" It is reported that it was.

German police raid homes of Tor-linked group's board members | ZDNet

Early morning of June 20, 2018, the German police software "to perform the high anonymity communication Tor is an organization related to" serve on the Board of Zwiebelfreunde Augsburg home of Mr. Moritz Bartl located in, Jena Jens Kubieziel, who is in He forced the search of Juris Vetra's home in Berlin's home. Also, in addition to these three members, the compulsory search was executed also at the home of Zwiebelfreunde's former director, who still had access to the group's bank account. The former director's person said that he knew that the forced search of the police was held for the first time after learning from the business trip that the key of the house was changed.

This search is based on the blog 's appeal that a leftist group called Krawalltouristen appealed on the blog "We will protest in accordance with the annual convention of Germany for the right opposition party of Germany " . Mr. Bartl speculates that the law enforcement agency believed that protest actions involved violent behavior, regarding this forced search.

The German police had a warrant to obtain the communication record made by Zwiebelfreunde in connection with the question Krawalltouristen's blog and the email address given by Riseup offering anonymous mail service. Zwiebelfreunde, a subsidiary of , which provides services that can use broadband communication at Tor, is doing donation business on Riseup's Tor related infrastructure in Europe, but it is involved in e-mail service I do not argue.

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The police are justifying this forced investigation as being closely related to Zwiebelfreunde, a left-wing group Krawalltouristen · Riseup deploying mail service, but Mr. Bartl denies the relation. "We have nothing to do with the blogs in question or the Riseup mail business.Another point of fact is that I live in the town where the options for Germany took place at the annual convention That's about it, "Mr. Bartl claimed.

In the materials of paper media seized by the police this time, members' personal information on projects such as Tor and Trais of strong anonymity OS, which did not leave online in consideration of security problems, was stated Thing. The Board of Zwiebelfreunde has issued a statement explaining "what information was seized". Bartl considers that the possibility that police can break through encryption is extremely low with respect to the seized storage media, but later decides to switch PGP keys and key phrases to new ones.

Police who searched Zwiebelfreunde and related e-mail addresses also got a search warrant for a law firm that deals with Zwiebelfreunde-related mail items. The law firm who cares about getting a bad reputation seems to have asked Zwiebelfreunde to contract with another law firm newly. "We have maintained a good relationship with the tax authorities in Dresden , but we have to look for another office newly, but it will be hard to find a town that will accept us," Bartl said.

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In addition, a forced search was done even in a hacker space in Augsburg, and it seems that documents which were not at home were confiscated. In addition, the German police misinterpreted the letters written on the whiteboard in hacker space and arrested three of them, including Mr. Bartl, on "suspected assassination plan". Through this, the three people were confiscated and held for four hours, during which a hacker space search was also conducted.

Bartl and others were released after being charged with assassination, but the police said that they seized machines related to another work not related to Zwiebelfreunde from home, personal photos and tablets. Mr. Bartl who seized many of the digital-related equipments said that he had been forced to abandon his work.

"The police have largely departed from the range permitted by the warrant and confiscated even private equipment unrelated to the purpose of the investigation," Bartl et al., Who is the executive of Zwiebelfreunde, said they would file a lawsuit We are planning. "Our battle is legitimate," Bartl said.


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