I used rich chocolate for ice cream and coating and I tried 'Pino Truffle Chocolat' which is the best cacao part of Pino history

A rich chocolate flavor " Pino Truffle Chocolat " is added to Morinaga's bite-sized ice " Pino " series for a limited time only from Monday, July 2, 2018. This Pino stuffed with chocolate ice cream, I tried eating because the cacao part is the highest pinnid among the past "Pino" series.

"Pino Truffle Chocolat" New release on a limited time basis from July 2 (Monday) | News Release | Morinaga Milk

This is "Pino Truffle Chocolat" (6 grains: 160 yen including tax).

The content is 6 ml of 10 ml of ice cream, so the total is about 60 ml.The type of ice cream is "ice cream" with the highest proportion of milk solids.The raw material is "normal chocolate", "cacao mass" which is not in normal pino Chocolate "etc. are stated.

Calorie is 36 kcal per grain, so it is calculated to be about 216 kcal with 6 grains per box.

Inside the box are six rows of bite size "Pino Truffle Chocolat" arranged side by side, with one gold pick.

The appearance of "Pino Truffle Chocolat" looks like a normal "Pino".

When arranging the normal "Pino" (right) next to "Pino Truffle Chocolat" (left), you can see that it is a two-part appearance.

If you cut both pins, you can see "chocolate ice" instead of vanilla ice, unlike normal pino, in "Pino Truffle Chocolat".

"Pino Truffle Chocolat" is packed with fragrant flavored coated chocolate with rich chocolate ice that melts in mouth.The coated chocolate of "Pino Truffle Chocolat" has more cacao than the coated chocolate of "Normal Pinot" The fragrance of the strong, the chocolate ice which is contained inside is spreading smoothly in the mouth with the smooth texture of the tongue The thick scent of cacao spreads in the mouth The domestic cacao bean which the fruity and fragrance is high for the coated chocolate, the chocolate ice Is a material with a cacao bean paste of Cacao beans of different origin and Ecuadorian cacao bean which features a floral scent.The "Pino Truffle Chocolat" is a rich flavor of chocolate in both coated chocolate and chocolate ice Eye can enjoy It was finished in cream

"Pino Truffle Chocolat" can be purchased at retail stores such as convenience stores and supermarkets.

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