A movie 'Ping Pong Trick Shots 4' that repeats numerous works using ping-pong balls

Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 "movies that showcase various shrimp shots using ping-pong balls used in table tennis, or show off super shots with Pythagora devices like chains in which multiple gimmicks work, The American sports series YouTuber · Dude Perfect has released it.

Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 | Dude Perfect - YouTube

At first it is a Pitagora device-like shot. When a man throws a ping-pong ball he held in his hand ... ...

It fits in a cup placed on a table. The cup slid on the table under the momentum of the ping-pong ball ......

Domino killing starts. With this feeling, multiple gimmicks will work together.

Dominoes that have collapsed have straps attached ... ...

Appearance emerges from the wooden boards.

The members of Dude Perfect shoot through arrows, and so on, the human power is included as a feature of the Dude Perfect formula Pitagora device.

Dunk other basketball ......

The ball is the corner.

Hit the toy of a car with a candle lit with fire ... ...

There is also a mechanism to burn the flame of the candle one after another.

In such a way, the white balls that started moving with various gimmicks interlocked are collected by the members who took the cart at the end.

The first shot was messed up, but the next is a more artful shot. When I throw a ping-pong ball from the top of the staircase ......

While bouncing off the boards on each stage ... ...

I entered the cup which is placed at the bottom.

The thrown ping-pong ball jumps over the table ......

Brilliantly in a cup turning round on a turntable.

Then I will throw an airplane.

When I throw a ping-pong ball towards an airplane fly sweeping ......

Hole in one in a cup tied to an airplane.

From another angle it looks like this. The moment of throwing an airplane.

The moment I throw the ping - pong ball.

At the end I raise the altitude as if the plane goes to pick up the ping - pong ball.

Shoot the ping-pong ball with the hockey stick.

Ping-pong ball going into the cup set in the corner of the goal cleanly.

Two cups ......

Throws Poip and Ping Pong ball.

First bounce off the board on the floor ......

Hit the wall ......

The returning ping-pong ball enters a brilliant cup.

A man who carefully adjusts the angle of the board.

I will throw a ping-pong ball against this board.

The ping-pong ball jumps lightly on the three boards ......

Cup in.

Ping-pong ball placed on a hand-made seesaw.

A man who throws a plastic bottle towards this.

When a PET bottle reaches the other side of the seesaw, the ping-pong ball is thrown towards the ceiling vigorously.

And the falling ping - pong ball fell to the ground plate ... ...

Cup in.

Since it's like a small thruster, it also injects a ping-pong ball.

It fits perfectly in a cup placed far away.

The trajectory of the ping-pong ball looks like this.

Ping-pong ball thrown from the second floor.

To the cup two people looking at ... ...

It's as if I'm sucked in.

Throwing Ping Pong ball ... ...

A man who takes off the guts pose and checks that he entered the cup and leaves.

Ping-pong balls that came in the cup roll on a passage attached to the wall.

A man who threw a ping-pong ball is waiting on the other side ... ....

Slide the cup at the timing "falling down" "Coco!".

At the end the ping-pong bulb cups exquisitely.

Ping-pong ball placed on the lawn.

The target is a cup placed overhead.

Hitting a ping-pong ball with a golf club ......

Cup in success.

This is the fourth time that Dude Perfect will show off a number of trick shots using ping-pong balls. Past movies are also published on YouTube and it is worthwhile ant.

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