A woman who ran away with fraud and ran away makes a stupid way of capturing the whole story

A criminal who attempted to fraud in Canada failed to escape through the ceiling behind the store also failed and was reported overseas that he was arrested as a result of being forcibly taken over by policemen who came. Since the image of the surveillance camera released at this time was like a gag cartoon flow, it became a topic on the Internet, and a movie that made BGM attached to this image and it is a story has appeared.

Caught on camera: Woman falls through store ceiling while trying to escape police

In June 2018, at a convenience store in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada, a young man and a woman tried shopping with a stolen credit card. However, as the scanner device of the credit card caused an error many times, the owner who thought suspiciously reported to the police. Although the couple tries to escape quickly, the police officer and shopkeeper who took the first time block the entrance of the shop, and the man is seized. On the other hand, a woman tries to escape from the ceiling.

The whole story of the incident can be seen in the following movie.

Woman falls through the ceiling in duo's dreadful attempt to evade Edmonton police | ITV News - YouTube

A woman grasps to a policeman who was at the entrance of the shop, and a man tries to escape to that gap, but it is seized by the shopkeeper.

As a result of the mass rampage, the man who broke the T - shirt he was wearing ran away from the place with the upper body naked.

Although it turns to the back of the shop, the back entrance is locked and can not escape.

I reluctantly return to the store, hiding in the shelves of the products and throwing snacks while fighting the policeman ... ...

Men are easily caught.

On the other hand, the woman tries to escape from the store, but the shopkeeper stood in front of the door and prevented it.

The woman escapes to the back of the shop with a male being caught by a police officer.

Climb the box of goods stacked on the back of the store, find the ventilation hole and get in. Apparently it seems he thought about trying to escape the store through the ceiling.

Meanwhile, customers and police officers are desperately trying to catch men who are raging hard without giving up.



A woman who was passing behind the ceiling stepped through the ventilator, and it fell perfectly onto the shelf. Although it seems not to be injured in particular, it should have escaped secretly, but in the end it will come back to the store where the police officer is located.

Two cops of cheering who arrived at the store almost at the same time and caught the men are going to the direction of the woman who faced with a surprised appearance.

Women were quickly caught.

On the Internet, uploaded to this movie showing deployment like comedy movies and gag cartoon something that has flowed familiar BGM with Hachateurian's " Sword dance " and British comedy program . The following movie combined with the PlayStation masterpiece stealth action " Metal Gear Solid " is excellent not only for BGM but also fine director.

Woman falls through the ceiling in convenience store (Metal Gear Version) - YouTube

The moment when a man is found by a police officer, a sound effect is heard when an enemy soldier notices a snake.

Of course fighting with voice

The moment when a woman gets into the ceiling behind a ventilation hole ......

The image switches to the subjective screen where the snake passes through the ventilation duct.

When it reaches the ventilation opening where you can see the bottom from the ventilation duct soon ...

The woman steps down and falls.

When I got caught by a policeman I brought ... ...

"GAME OVER" appears on the screen and the movie ends with the cry of Colonel Roy Campbell "Snake! Respond! Snake!"

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