I tried Lotteria's 'Tandoori chicken sand' which can choose hotness until the hot chili pepper 'Boot Joloquia' in the world

Three kinds of " Tandoori chicken sandwich " spiked with spicy Tandoori chicken from Lotteria on July 5, 2018 (Thursday) are appearing. And in Lotteria we are implementing a " Death-spicy Tandoori Chicken Sand " campaign that can add a spicy sauce of " Boot Joloquier " which is a type of Guinness World Recognized "World's Hottest Pepper" to each Tandoori Chicken Sand. Tandoori chicken sandwiched with spices and sauce with the world's hotest pepper sauce has been tasted.

~ Forbidden spicy, again !! ~ "Death hot spicy chicken sand" campaign implemented from July 5, 2018 (Thu)! | News Release | Lotteria

~ Taste of choice, Tandoori chicken sand for the summer is new !! ~ Soup "Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand" Shuishi "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand" released from 5th July, 2018! | Campaign | Lotteria

Arrived at Lotteria.

In front of the shop there is a poster informing of all three types of spicy "Tandoori chicken sandwich" Tandoori chicken sand "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand", "Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand", "Tandoori Chicken After ordering Sando, I ordered it as "Death Spicy Tandoori Chicken Sand" which was added as spicy sauce of Boot Joloquia to "Tandoori Chicken Sand" as a topping.

"Tandoori chicken sand" All three kinds arrived in about 3 minutes after ordering.

From the left it is "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand", "Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand", "Tandoori Chicken Sand". There is an exciting fragrance of spice from the chicken which is sandwiched as a piece.Tandaidry chicken which is sandwiched between Nan is said to be seasoned with 16 types of spices such as cumin, turmeric and chili powder.

Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand <br> Try to eat it from "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand" (single item: 450 yen in tax) sandwiched between tomatoes and chicken, which is the mild among the tandoori chicken sandwiches.

Tandoori chicken sand are all about the same size, about the same as transportation IC card (long side 85 mm).

When spreading Nan, you can find plenty of mayonnaise and you can see sliced ​​fresh tomatoes, chicken thigh meat's tandoori chicken, lettuce, slice onion sandwiched in. Nan has a plump feel, this feel is yoghurt It is realized by adding milk and milk.

"Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand" is a crispy texture and a pretty soft and juicy Tandoori chicken, perfectly fresh tomatoes are perfect. Tandoori chicken is spicy, "Spicy is neutralized with tomato and mayonnaise I thought that it is being done ... ", but the pungent taste is directly transmitted to the level required for drink.Tandori chicken and tomatoes such as shakijaki vegetables are well matched but the amount of vegetables is large and the ingredients It seems to pop out.It was finished in a dish of juicy chicken, vegetables, texture and variations abundantly in Nan of motomochi.

Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand "Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand" (single item: 450 yen including tax) is Tandoori Chicken Sand plus Gouda Cheese and Red Cheddar Cheese.

When you open Nan which was painted mayonnaise, you can see that cheese of lettuce · gouda cheese and red cheddar cheese is sandwiched.

"Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand" is an oily and rich cheese, compared to Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand, because there are few ingredients that protrude, it is relatively easy to eat, but the variation in texture feels a little lonesome However, because the mellowness of the cheese adds, I felt the hotness the first mild.

Tandoori Chicken Sand "Tandoori Chicken Sand" (single item: 390 yen including tax) is an orthodox Tandoori chicken sandwiched between Tandoori chicken with Nan, but according to Lotteria the ranking of spicyness is among the three Tandoori chicken sandwiches It is rated as hard to say.

"Tandoori chicken sand" is a plainly painted mayonnaise, a simple composition that tandoori chicken is sandwiched between lettuce.

Because of simplicity I feel the taste of the chicken most of the tandoori chicken among the "Tandoori chicken sand" and the flavor of the spice clearly.The pungent taste seems to be the hardest among the three, but I ate "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand About the same as I felt

Finally, we will order "Death Spicy Tandoori Chicken Sand" with hot spicy sauce "Boot Joloquier" in the world, among all three types of "Tandoori Chicken Sand".

To order this product, please inform that "Do not ask Lotteria for refund of goods price and poor physical condition due to" spicy "of" Death hot spicy chicken sand "special page on the" Death hot spicy chicken sand "special page After printing out the disclaimer consent form and filling in your name, you need to order from the three types of "Tandoori chicken sand" at the counter to tell them which plus booty joloquier's spicy sauce plus plus. No additional charge is required. This time I will order "Tandoori chicken sand" plus booty jolie's spicy sauce.

Customers who purchased Tandoori Chicken Sand and submitted "Disclaimer Agreement" can spice hot sauce at "Price as is".

When ordering, the shop clerk picks up "spicy sauce of boot booty" and starts cooking. When "Tandoori chicken sand" can be done, a clerk will continue to sprinkle booty joloquier's spicy sauce with a dobadoba until "stop" on "tandoori chicken sandwich". In short, the spicyness continues to increase until it says "stop".

A few minutes later, it was written as "Forbidden Death Spicy Tandoori", and the "Death-spicy Tandoori Chicken Sand" covered with villainous wrapping paper was completed.

"Death hot spicy chicken sande" (single item: 390 yen including tax) which wrapped paper was removed is like this.

When ordinary "Tandoori chicken sand" (left) and "Death hot spicy chicken sand" (right) are arranged, it looks like there is no difference in appearance.

Of course the ingredients in the same as "Tandoori Chicken Sand".

However, you can see that a hot red booty Joloquier spicy sauce is being put on.

When I try to eat it, the spicy sauce of Boot Joloquier has sourness, it makes me want a drink by a moment I put it in my mouth. It got hot as the inside of the mouth burned more and more just by eating a bite and the throat gradually felt pungent, so it was finished in a spicy Tandoori chicken sandwhite without complaint.

"Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sand", "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sand", "Tandoori Chicken Sand" and "Death Spicy Tandoori Chicken Sand" are limited-time items until late August 2018, some stores Saitama Super Arena store, Ueno It is possible to order in the Lotteria throughout the country except Park Rueno FS store, Ginza Crystal building store, Hakkeijima seaside oasis shop, Kobe Harborland store, ZOZO Marine Stadium store.

In Lotteria, following the official account of Lotteria ( @ lotteria_pr ), when retweeting the following posts, a campaign giving gift coupons for cheap ordering of Tandoori chicken is carried out until July 8, 2018 (Sunday) Please check the details of the campaign from the following link.

~ Forbidden spicy, again !! ~ "Death hot spicy chicken sand" campaign implemented from July 5, 2018 (Thu)! | News Release | Lotteria

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