I tried a subway sandwich 'spicy shrimp - sweet chili sauce ~' that combines premium prawn & fruity spicy spicy sauce

Fast food restaurant offering healthy menu such as sandwiches and salads Sandwich " Spicy shrimp - sweet chili sauce " combined shrimp steamed with subway and special mango-based sweet chili sauce on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 Appears for a limited time from. It was tasted together with the lassi-like drink " Mango Milk Float " that appeared on the same day.

Send it to the spice party, selling out 2 authentic summer menus limited │ new information on subways │ press release │ delicious! I will hold you. Vegetable subway official website

Mango Milk Float │ Subway's Drink │ Tasty! I will hold you. Vegetable subway official website

Arrived at the subway. There was not a poster etc in front of the shop to inform you of the appearance of a new sandwich using shrimp and sweet chili sauce ... ...

I found a sandwich "Spicy shrimp - Sweet chili sauce ~" for in-store menu. This time, I ordered "Spicy Shrimp - Sweet Chili Sauce ~" with "Regular" size with Recommended Topping. Also we will order a new juice "Mango Milk Float" on the same day.

"Spicy shrimp - sweet chili sauce ~" and "mango milk float" are completed in a few minutes after ordering. In addition, since it was set as a sandwich and a drink of float at the same time, the total amount has become a set of 750 yen including tax of 40 yen cheaper than ordered individually.

"Spicy shrimp - sweet chili sauce" (single item: 490 yen including tax) is a sandwich with "sweet chili sauce" combined with steamed shrimp. In this time I made a combination that does not change vegetables and toppings, with bread as white recommended, no dressing, and as recommended for subway.

The bread has plenty of steamed shrimp and it can be confirmed that the red sweet yellow "sweet chili sauce" is painted on the bread. This sweet chili sauce is different from general sweet chili sauce, "Mango" as a base based on "spices and herbs" such as "lemon grass" and "cobumikan" was effective.

Other ingredients are full of vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, red peppers, carrots, onion.

"Spicy shrimp - sweet chili sauce ~" is a spicy spicy sandwich with fruity sweetness and spice. Prawns are added to herbs such as "Lemongrass" and "Kobumikan" and it feels like ethnic food. As we continue to eat, the spicyness of spices has slowly increased and the drinks are rising to the required level, so we recommend that you refrain from those who do not like hardships. In addition, because the presence of sweet chili sauce is strong, the flavor of shrimp is somewhat defeated. However, the sweet chili sauce and the shrimp's shredded texture are very matched, the sweet chili sauce's fruity sweetness is perfect for vegetables. As a spicy spicy sandwich with sweet chili sauce, it was finished in a well-balanced manner.

In addition, "Spicy shrimp - sweet chili sauce ~" those who seek even more spirit can add "chili sauce (hot)" or "hot pepper" for free at the time of ordering. "Spicy shrimp - sweet chili sauce ~" is a limited-time product scheduled to be sold until August 28 (Tuesday) 2018.

"Mango Milk Float" (single item: 300 yen including tax) is a tropical mango juice and a limited-time drink with a lassie style with milk combined. The height of the cup looks like this when compared with the traffic IC card (long side 85 mm). You can see that "Mango Milk Float" has two colors with white milk at the top of the cup and yellow mango juice at the bottom.

Vanilla ice cream floats on Mango Milk Float.

"Mango Milk Float" When you drink it after mixing it is sweet and sour fresh mango juice. Mango smells, thanks to milk or acidity and sweet taste is modest and easy to drink, finished in slightly milky.

If the float is scooped with a straw-shaped straw, you can eat it. If you melt in the drink part, you can make "Mango Milk Float" refreshed with a moderate sweetness into a sweet and creamy drink.

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