'Tibana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato / Herbal Lemonade' with Starbuck's smooth ice is a refreshing drink with tomato and lemon

" Tibana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato " " Herbal Lemonade " has appeared on July 2, 2018 (Monday) as a completely new form of frozen tea drink at Starbucks. It is a drink that combines frozen and non-caffein tea. I drank a gorgeous drink using tomato and grapefruit and a refreshing sour drink that imaged lemonade.

Tibana ™ Frozen Tea Grapefruits & Tomatoes | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Tibana ™ Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Press Release (June 18, 2010) Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrived at Starbucks.

There is a bright signboard in front of the shop informing of the appearance of fresh frozen tea. This time I order "Tall" size of "Tibana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato" and "Tibana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade".

"Tibana Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato" and "Tiburna Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade" are completed in about three minutes after ordering. Both products are items of Starbucks' tea brand TEAVANA (Tibana) , which is a theme that provides TEA experience from Starbucks that has not changed so far by diversifying TEA.

The height of Tall size cup is slightly higher than traffic IC card (long side 8.5 cm).

"Tiburna Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato" (Tall size only: 520 yen tax) is a drink that combines grapefruit and tomato frozen with passion tea.

It is a reddish red color reminiscent of tomatoes.

When you remove the lid, you can see that the red passion tea and the frozen are joined together.

Passion Tee is a non-caffeine herb tea "Ice Passion Tea" blended with hibiscus, cinnamon, dry apple, liquorice and lemon grass.

When I drink it, I am surprised by the presence of the fragrance of tomato at first. The fragrance is tomato, but the taste is accented with tomato acidity to the modest sweetness of grapefruit and dry apple. The bitterness of grape fruits makes the aftertaste refreshing and the habit of peculiar tomatoes is modest, so it seems to be good to match with meals.

The frozen of grapefruit and tomato is soft and it is tortoise. It is good not to dilute the taste of drinks even if it melts.

"Tiburna Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade" (Tall size only: 520 yen tax) has become a frozen tea combining non-caffeine herbal tea "Ice Chamomile Tea" and lemon's frozen.

The drink called consciousness of lemonade is slightly yellow, and it becomes a marble pattern in lemon frozen at "Ice chamomile tea". It is sweeter than "grapefruit & tomato", so when you want to drink a cold one that is refreshed and not sweet, this is recommended.

When you remove the lid, you can see that the yellow fruit lemon peel is contained in the syrup-based frozen places.

After drinking, the frozen syrup slightly sweetened and the fresh acidity of lemon and bitterness of lemon peel are accented.

It was a drink that can enjoy the sweet smell of lemon peel's tsubutubu and chamomile tea.

"Tiburna Frozen Tea Grapefruit & Tomato" is until August 7, 2018, "Tibana Frozen Tea Herbal Lemonade" is a limited time offer until August 30, 2018.

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