Twitter announced a change in specification to improve transparency of political advertisement, anticipating the 2018 middle election

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Twitter further strengthens the function of the "Advertising Transparency Center" that allows you to view detailed information on advertisers of social media to tackle intervention problems from outside the United States through advertisements, , Announced that it became possible to know whether the advertisement fee is paid to whom, and whether the election candidate has officially approved it or not.

Providing more transparency around advertising on Twitter

The American Congress is a bicameral system of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Because the term of the House of Representatives is two years and Senators are elected one third every two years, a large election called " Midterm Election " will be held every two years. The next midterm election is November 2018, and the result of this election has a great influence on President Trump's future policy management. As a result, election strategies using social media such as Twitter and Facebook are expected to intensify further.

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However, political advertisements conducted as one of the election strategies in social media are hard to monitor by Congress, and there is a danger that it will be used as a means of interference from domestic affairs from other countries. In fact, in the US presidential election held in 2016, " Internet Research Agency " who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia prepared an account of more than 2700 on Twitter and posted a large number of politically biased tweets and advertisements It is said that it was doing.

Facebook posting of "Russian Gate" involved in Russia in the US presidential election reached 126 million people, reach tweet was 131 thousand, more than 1000 videos on YouTube - GIGAZINE

In response to this problem, Twitter insisted on blogging that domestic interference by other countries using social media can be prevented by increasing the transparency of political advertisement. In May 2018, we changed the specification so that we could display "Promoted (politicial)" under the tweet of political advertisement and to see who the applicant for political advertisement is from the advertisement transparency center. In addition, we changed policies on political advertisement, banned advertisements from Russia · Today and Sputnik accounts suspected of spreading fake news after stricter advertisement application rules.

In addition, Twitter announced that it is now possible to display all advertising campaigns executed in the past seven days from advertiser accounts, in order to further expand the transparency of advertisements from June 28, 2018 did. Even if you delete an ad, you will still see a record in the Advertising Transparency Center. In addition, through the Advertising Transparency Center, you can now check the billing information, cost, statistics data, and tweet views of advertisements.

Twitter continues to enhance the function of the advertisement transparency center and commented that it is considering whether this policy and transparency of this political advertisement can be adapted not only in the United States but also around the world.

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