'The House with a Clock in Its Walls' trailer second trailer full of mysterious dubious atmosphere and excitement is released

The 2nd trailer of " The House with a Clock in Its Walls " of the first work of "Lewis and the Wizards Association" series announced by American novelist John Bereaz , " The Clock in the Wall " was made into a movie Has been released.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls - Official Trailer 2

A bus will come along with the dubious BGM.

It is a boy Lewis who got a goggle on his bus and looks uneasy.

When the bus stops, you can say "Yo".

The Lord of the voice said "I am Jonathan."

Jonathan is the uncle of Lewis and took over Lewis who lost his parents and lived together.

Jonathan 's house was a very big Western - style building closed at a big gate.

Jonathan speaking smilingly "This is my sweet home."

In the Western-style building ......

There were lots of watches scattered in time and shape pointing.

A woman in an eccentric atmosphere who has been calling Lewis in the Western-style building.

"She's a neighborhood," Jonathan introduces women.

Women's name is Florence. Against Florence who makes meaningful remarks as "You, how much strange person is not heard?"

Jonathan shakes himself, "Do not say anything unnecessary."

Florence has a dubious smile.

Stained glass that looks behind Lewis ... ...

I changed the shape unnoticed.

"This place is different from ordinary places," Jonathan says.

Knight 's Knight turns around here and Kururi.

Jonathan and Lewis talking ... ...

A mysterious tentacle pops out from the door behind.

Jonathan shutting the door in a hurry.

Lewis saw such a sight, asked uneasily "Are you OK?"

One night, Lewis was playing poker.

Unfortunately Luis's hand is just a pig.

But when Jonathan smiles with "grin" ...

The hand which was pig changed to Royal straight flush quickly.

Jonathan was a wizard.

To Lewis asking "Tell me magic!"

Jonathan replies "Okay!"

"You can read this," Jonathan says, putting a dusty spellbook in the face of Lewis.

Lewis who studied reading the spellbook which Jonathan got ......

I awaken to the quality of the wizard.

Louis opened a cupboard from a remote place.

Lightly gesturing with hands ...

Clothes flew to Lewis.

Florence who inquires Jonathan is actually a mage. Apparently there seems to be a secret behind the two who is hiding in Lewis ......

The secret seems to be about the Western-style building where Jonathan and Lewis reside.

Traces of mysterious figures found by Lewis.

Who is this guy on earth?

Jonathan walking suspiciously at the Western-style building.

In the meantime, an accident starts to occur in the Western-style building.

Jonathan begins to rush "three bells ring".

Mystery mouth that opens behind Jonathan.

"I must break the watch," Jonathan murmurs.

The flash that strikes Jonathan.

Creepy dolls heading towards three people.

Unexpectedly Jonathan leaked it with a trembling voice saying, "This is creepy."

Will the three people struck by the doll stand safely?

Three people running away from the room.

What can be seen from the gate of the Western-style building ... ...

A creepy pumpkin monster.

When Florence fires a ray ...

In the blink of an eye the pumpkins were crushed. The pumpkin on the left is also a look that looked at the crushed fellows.

"The House with a Clock in Its Walls" will be released nationwide on September 21, 2018, the publication date in Japan is undecided at the time of writing the article.

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