Apple will also receive supply of organic EL panel from LG display

by Aaron Yoo

Apple has supplied the organic EL (OLED) panel necessary for iPhone X from Samsung, but found that it is expected to be supplied from the LG display anew.

Apple Gets Second Supplier for OLED iPhone Screens - Bloomberg

Apple adds another supplier to organic EL panels - Bloomberg

Supplies from the LG display are not so many in units of 2 million to 4 million units at first, but as Apple thinks that it is also aimed at facilitating price negotiations with Samsung by securing another supplier Yes.

Bloomberg pointed out that the sluggish sales of iPhone X is due to the high price setting by the cost of the OLED panel. iPhone X was known to be expensive before it appeared, and the cause was whispered as being in the OLED panel exclusively supplied by Samsung.

The view that iPhone X is expensive is that organic EL display is Samsung monopoly - GIGAZINE

By the way, Samsung, which has exclusively supplied the OLED panel of the iPhone, reduced the panel production by reducing the production of iPhone X.

Samsung reports that the production of organic EL display will be reduced from the sluggish sales of iPhone X - GIGAZINE

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