Is it possible to explain scientifically the 'sweat of meat' that spews out when eating a lot of meat?

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If you are eating a large amount of meat with grilled meat, barbecue, etc., you may find that you are suffering a lot of sweat. The phenomenon whose name is also called "Meat Sweat" in English is not only told by a human empirical rule, it also seems to have scientific support.

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The Truth About 'Meat Sweats,' According To Science

In Japanese there is not much "flesh sweat" etc, but in English-speaking countries "Meat Sweat" is widely used as one of slang . Among the TV drama "Friends", Joey, one of the characters who ate the meat in large quantities, says "Wow, Meat Sweat came out" and laughs a scene that invites laughter.

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It was the first time this word was used in the 1990s, and it is said that television author David Kreizman is the inventor. Meat Sweat which is said to be a common existence so that it is named, the phenomenon is not limited to mere urban legend, it is considered at the level of the human body.

The reason why Meat Sweat comes out is believed to be related to "meat is made of protein". Its molecular structure is more complicated than other nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats and so much energy is needed to break down the molecule to a state that can be absorbed by the human body. Keya Mukherjee, a graduate student at Texas A & M University, says, "Proteins are extremely complex molecules and require much energy for metabolism compared to fats and carbohydrates. If you do not take nutrients, your body will generate more energy and heat, and of course this will sweat the human body. "

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According to a paper published in 2009, when human beings eat a lot of food, the energy consumption in the body increases by up to 25%. It is exercise to consume a lot of energy in the body, but a lot of energy is used also in the process of disassembling food and taking it from digestive organs.

Also, as mentioned above, proteins have complex molecular structures. In order to make the structure dissociate, it is necessary to break down scientifically connected ones, and different enzymes are required for each mechanism. Energy is consumed even at the stage of producing that enzyme. In addition, Mukherjee says that human body is related to trying to make tissue of the body using protein as soon as it ingests it.

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In addition to such scientific energy consumption mechanism, the characteristic of food "meat" is also related to energy consumption. Compared with vegetables and grains, meat is clogged firmly, so it is necessary to chew (chew) a relatively long time in the mouth before sending it to digestive organs, Mukherjee thinks I am talking. Similar remarks have been made by other people about this. LA Beast who is the gluttony player of the professional "to eat a huge chunk of meat, but same thing as going to the gym" and says .

From here, it seems that it will be thought that "If you eat meat you increase energy consumption and you can diet!", But the situation seems not to be that simple. It is said that doing a biased diet with a lot of sweat is not itself normal and healthy. Mukherjee says, "If there is continuing perspiration during meals, it is likely that some kind of malfunction may have occurred in the mechanism of metabolism, so it seems better to take medical examinations" I will.

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