The figure of a person flying around the course of the F1 and 24 hour endurance race brilliantly is photographed

2018 June 24 (Sunday) was carried out in F1 of the French GP major topic during the event that carried out in the beginning, appeared a person to fly around the course over to the free self-court riding the course over to a small machine of a single It collects.

Here's a dude flying around the French GP on a drone -

The movie that was actually filmed at French GP can be seen from the following tweets.

Mysterious people floating above the course.

People on a machine like a small board accelerate by tilting forward.

Cross the eyes with a considerable speed ... ...

It faded away to the sky.

The flyboard called " Flyboard Air " which gathered a big topic overseas was developed by a company called Zapata Flyboard Air by the idea of ​​former jet ski world champion Frankie Zapata .

Jetboard equipped with jet engine freely flying around Jetboard "Flyboard Air" has appeared - GIGAZINE

This flyboard has also appeared at the Le Mans 24 Hours race held in 2018, and the appearance of flying is contained in a movie and it is perfect. You can see the flying board of the flying board that appeared in Le Mans 24 Hours race from the following.

Fly Board Frank Zapata GP Le Mans 2018

The audience looking up at the sky. Inside you can see the figure of a person holding a smartphone.

When I zoomed in on the image, the shadows floating in the faraway sky clearly appeared.

Apparently, it looks like she is waving at the audience.

Flyboard gradually approached here ... ...

It passes over the sky in front of me with a considerable speed.

Eventually the people on the flyboard kept upright immovable and began to raise altitude. The crowd sends a great cheer.

After flying about the course for a while, slowly the fly board lowered the altitude ......

I went down to Clock Tower in the course.

I will touch a woman's clerk. The fly board seems to be able to handle fairly fine movements as well.

The flyboard figures accelerate at a stroke with a forward tilting posture ......

I decided until a brilliant turn during flight.

About the Flyboard Air, the movie explained by Zapata Flyboard Air developed below.

Flyboard Air Safety Features Demonstration

Flyboard Air that jumps at dusk.

There are four jet engines on the bottom of the Flyboard Air.

From the person on board, Flyboard Air looks like this. It seems fun to fly around the sky freely, but there is nothing beneath the Flyboard Air below, so if it falls it's head over in water.

A person riding the left and right control nozzles can change direction and accelerate freely by operating with the controller.

The controller has a function to detect motion, and it is possible to intuitively operate Flyboard Air by tilting the controller left and right.

Flywheel and Flyboard Air float up ......

It fly to the sky in no time.

When you look under the Flyboard Air, you can see well that jet is being jetted awfully.

Flyboard Air is said to be called events of various places around the world including F1 and the day when it can be seen in Japan in the future may come.

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