One of the world's leading millionaires Bill Gates & Warren Buffett is a sweet shop and a long-awaited movie

Mr. Bill Gates , founder of Microsoft and Warren Buffett , one of the world's leading investors, released a movie on Footmont Antiques & Mercantile shop selling only nostalgic things reminiscent of the past on YouTube It is.

Sweet Nostalgia with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

What came up with a retro car ... ...

Bill Gates in private clothes.

And Warren Buffett in suit.

Two people who are heavyweights of the business world headed ... ...

It was a nostalgic sweet shop. Mr. Buffett says, "I love the sweets like here, especially candies."

In 1936, Mr. Buffett who was 6 years old then got pocket money for one week and went to a neighborhood drug store and bought candy.

There are five types of candies in the drugstore, Mr. Buffett said that he was suffering from "for which candy to buy" for an hour.

Gates says, "I like peanuts' brittlers very much."

Mr. Buffett also agreed that "peanut brittles are good, once you eat it you can not stop it."

Mr. Gates, who was walking along the candy shop, screams abruptly, "Oh, cracker Jack is good!" Mr. Buffett said, "Oh yeah, cracker Jack had a bonfire," reminded me of the snacks of sweets we ate before.

"When you eat alternating salty and sweet, you can eat it all the time," Gates stressed the ideal way of eating.

When Mr. Gates asked, "How about dark chocolate?", Mr. Buffett replied "I like almost everything."

2 people are in the back of the store, "Pinball Museum ( pin ball set foot into a dark place that was written with the Museum)" and ......

Mr. Gates escapes "Wow, I can not believe it". As far as I can see, the pinball table was lining up with the slurry.

Mr. Buffett purchased a pinball machine in 1946 and put it in a barber shop and he sometimes started a business called "get money from players".

Mr. Buffett who plays pinball while talking about "That was the peak of my business, since then, it's downhill all the time."

And Mr. Gates discovered a single journal called " Popular Electronics (Popular Electronics)". What is printed on the front cover is the first personal computer called " Altair 8800 ".

"This is the beginning of a personal computer, if we had not seen this magazine, Microsoft could not do it," Gates said with excitement. Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems , a development company of Altair 8800, became the first customer.

Next, Mr. Buffett discovered the book " THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR " published in 1949.

"I changed my life as I read this book," Mr. Buffett said. Mr. Buffett who became one of the world's best investors seems to have the knowledge gained in this book as the foundation of Mr. Buffett.

Two people who continued the coloring found a record of nostalgia, respectively.

Mr. Melinda Gates, Mr. Gates's wife, had Willy Nelson 's record, he took the trouble to call Mr. Nelson and sang it on the night before marriage. "For me it's a memorable record," Gates said.

"When I was a kid, listening to Your Hit Parade was a big event," Mr. Buffett said, especially amongst those who liked Mr. Glen Miller 's songs.

"Please take a record there for a while" asking Mr. Gates ......

Mr. Buffett had Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Buffett beginning to squirt "TONTON TONE, TONTON TONE" and the melody of the brown small bottle .

After that, the two people watched the nostalgic things around here ......

Sometimes I take a dose with sweet drinks.

The world's leading millionaire also touches nostalgic memories and enjoys like a boy.

"I want this whole whole," Mr. Buffett flew a joke, Gates was also lured and laughed.

In addition, Mr. Buffett had a battle with Mr. Eulon Mask in May of 2018 about the business of the confectionery industry, and in the comment section of YouTube "he wants" this whole place is totally " That means ... ... "was awkward.

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