'Halo Hello Hawaiian Pine' with rare pineapple is refreshing sweetness and finished with juicy fruit finish

" Halo Hello Hawaiian Pine " which used rare pineapple "Maui Gold" from Hawaii in Ministop has appeared on Friday, June 22, 2018. Halo halo meaning "Mazuko" in Tagalog in the Philippines tried it with the feeling of southern country overflowing and being cool and looking perfect for summer.

Appeared in Midsummer Sweets Quantity Limited! Release from Halo Hello Hawaiian Pine 6/22 (Friday)

Halo Hello Hawaiian Pine | Ministop's Halo Hello | Ministop

I came to Ministop

There is a poster in front of the shop informing of the appearance of a new work halo Hello with the phrase "Midsummer Switzerland." This time, I will order "halo halo hawaiian pine" which is the third bullet of halo Hello that appeared in 2018.

"Halo Hello Hawaiian Pine" (290 yen including tax) arrives in about 3 minutes after ordering. Halo Hello Hawaiian Pine uses pineapple "Maui Gold" from Hawaii and tropical fruits. Maui gold is rare, so halo halo hawaiian pine is limited to one million meals.

The height of the cup is about 9 cm, slightly higher than the traffic IC card (long side 8.5 cm).

In the center of the cup is a regular menu of Ministop and a common soft ice cream.

Maui golden jelly surrounded by soft cream around.

The fruit pulp of Maui gold is sweet and strong, it is easy to eat in a somewhat wonderful way as it is a rich aroma, flesh is fresh and juicy juice overflows every time you chew. The inside of the mouth further moisturizes with plastic jelly and transparent jelly, it feels cool and cool.

Milk flavor is felt from soft and creamy vanilla soft cream with smooth texture. Because it is sweetness not too cheap, it will not spoil the sweetness of pineapple. When eating with pineapple the smoothness of the soft cream merges with the juicy of pineapple.

As you go forward, an orange shaved ice containing tropical fruit sauce appears.

The shaved ice sauce is made with guava, mango, passion fruit, and it has a refreshing and refreshing taste with sweet and sour fruity taste. Halo Hello Hawaiian Pine has sweetness and sourness as a whole, so I felt it as a particularly sweet sweet when I wanted to eat sweet and savory snacks in the hot.

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