The court orders Facebook to disclose 'who requested deletion of the deceased's account'

by Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta

When a Facebook user dies, when Facebook recognizes that the user died, the account or profile of the deceased user is either transferred to a "memorial account" that can only be viewed, or is a close relative of the deceased Only people who can prove "can apply for account deletion" can do . According to a woman's complaint alleging that "an account of a deceased partner has been deleted but there was no application from a close relative or family member," Facebook says, "Who deleted the account of the deceased at the request? I was ordered by the court to explain.

Facebook ordered to explain deleted profile - BBC News

Mirza Krupalija , a jazz drummer born in Sarajevo , suffered a heart attack on the day when her 57th birthday celebrated in 2016 and died in her hometown of Sarajevo hospital. Partner Azra Sabados was very sad but Krupalija's personal Facebook account and jazz band accounts remained and Sabados said he was comforting watching Krupalija's posts, pictures, music, etc. about.

However, 6 months after Krupalija's death, Krupalija's Facebook account and jazz band account have been deleted. Mr. Sabados complained to the sorrow at the time, "It seemed as if I had lost Krupalija once more," and protested against Facebook "Please reinstate Krupalija's account."

Although Facebook acknowledged that he deleted Krupalija's account at the request of someone, it is not possible to explain how to revive Krupalija's account, and who asked to delete Krupalija's account anyway I did not accept it.

Mr. Sabados, who was convinced that "Krupalija's family and close friends can not apply for deletion of Facebook accounts" consulted the "5 RB Law Firm " under contract for media and telecommunications related lawsuits. Mr. Greg Callus, a lawyer in charge of Sabados, uses a mechanism called " Norwich Pharmacal order " in which an innocent third party possesses information on illegal activities, so that the court can order it to be released And succeeded in having the court instruct Facebook to "innocent third party" to disclose necessary information.

Facebook has to disclose information within three weeks after receiving an order from the court but at the time of writing the article did not answer "Who sent a request to delete Krupalija's account?" We have not announced any comments about the matter.

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