IBM announces a policy to replace client staff every two years, and why?

The Global Business Services (GTS) group, IBM's business consulting department, is undergoing major changes in assignment of staff. In the same group, until now, each person in charge has taken a system that takes charge of their clients for a long time, but in the future it seems that in the future it will change to a formal change in charge every two years.

IBM to GTS: We want you to 'rotate' clients every two years • The Register

According to the contents of the internal memo that "The Register" of IT / business related media got it, IBM told GTS engineer to change current responsibility every two years. On the other hand, some employees say that there is a voice to dispute that their relationship with customers will deteriorate.

In the current system, IBM employees who work in the field can migrate to various projects or take charge of multiple customers, but basically they have a "home" counterpart who will be involved primarily by themselves It is said that it is in a state. In the future, however, it is expected that this structure will be handled and a more fluid organizational structure will be created. The internal memo of GTS titled "Rotation Model" said that the following contents were written.

"Our industry is changing at a tremendous speed and the same is true for skills to deal with it." To provide customers with the right skills in the right place, at the right time, To that end, the GTS has undergone a change.In the future, after 24 months the employee will be required to leave the existing office and change the charge more frequently I will migrate. "

In the memo, with regard to the purpose of this change, using "IBM Services Academy" which is the educational initiative in the company, or "in charge of" another area in the whole business "," Employees acquire new skills " It is written that it is written as aimed at.

However, this policy seems not to be taken up positively by all stakeholders. Among the employees who heard the story, "Regarding the complicated situation of the person in charge, how can we provide the appropriate service? At this stage, I will have another new person in charge, I am convinced that I am not good for customers. "There are also people who speak negatively Situation that exists.

This background seems to be related to the slump of IBM that has been going on for the past several years. IndeedSigns to recover from the downturn that lasted 22 consecutive quartersAlthough it is IBM which is showing IBM, GTS is a department struggled hard and there is also a view that the distinction between the cloud division that is likely to become the future of profit is becoming clearer .

The timing when this measure is actually put into practice is unknown. IBM said that he refused to comment on The Register's interview.

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