Anker's Bluetooth earphone "SoundCore Spirit" review that you can buy at 3000 yen and have IPX 7 waterproof performance

Anker's earphone suitable for use during exercise, which can be purchased at 3000 yen though it is a simple Bluetooth earphone with "waterproof" performance but also "waterproof" performance "SoundCore Spirit"Will appear on June 12, 2018 (Tue). In fact, I tried using the real thing that I got to the editorial department, what kind of usability it is.

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◆ Appearance check
The package of SoundCore Spirit is a design based on Anker's image color white and light blue.

Inside the box are the main body that entered the travel pouch, as well as the ear wing, the ear tip, the shirt clip, the cable clip, the Micro-USB cable for charging, the instruction manual, the attention at the time of use, the booklet with contact inquiries It was in.

The SoundCore Spirit body was stored in a travel pouch.

SoundCore Spirit body is like this. There is a cable between the left and right earphones, and there is a controller near the earphone for the right ear.

The back part of the earphone with the "soundcore" logo is a magnet ... ...

When both sides are matched, the left and right earphone bodies will stick together. For this reason, it can be stored smoothly in a travel pouch etc.

On the controller, there are buttons "Raise Volume", "Play / Stop" and "Decrease Volume" from the top. If you press and hold "Volume up" or "Decrease Volume" button for 1 second, it is possible to skip to the previous and next songs.

The cable clip included two identical items, including those that were originally installed in the body, and one shirt clip. There are four types of ear tips, XL, L, M, and S in total, and the size M is attached to the main body from the beginning. There are 3 types of ear wing, L, M, S size, and here also M size ones were attached to the main body. There must be something fitting to your ear.

To charge the earphone, just plug the MicroUSB cable into the Micro - USB terminal on the side of the controller.

During charging, the LED between 'Raise the volume' and 'Play / Stop' button lights up and tells you the charge status. The state of charging is in all three stages, and when it is lit in blue, it is in the "fully charged" state. "Charging in progress" when it is lit in red like the image. When the red LED is blinking, it means "Low battery level". It can charge up to full tone in about 1.5 hours, and continuous playback for up to 8 hours is possible.

◆ Actually use it
To pair, press and hold the SoundCore Spirit controller's play button for 1 second. Then the blue LED flashes ... ...

Open the Bluetooth setting screen of the device you want to connect and tap "Soundcore Spirit".

Bluetooth setting is completed when the display becomes "connected". You can check the battery level of Soundcore Spirit with the icon at the top.

When installing SoundCore Spirit, the appearance is almost the same as the state where a normal earphone is inserted. Because the ear wing fits firmly into the groove of the ear, the fit is excellent and there is no worry that the earphone will come off in exercise such as running and stretching.

Actually it was used by several editorial staff, most of the opinions that fitting "ear tip / ear wing" has "fit" and it is perfect for use in commuting. On the other hand, because the spread of the sound is not large, and the bass sound is modest, it matched also in that it is not an earphone for enjoying high quality sounds.

With regard to sound quality, such as spread of sound, we thought of the possibility of being a problem of Bluetooth earphone and decided to compare it with another Bluetooth earphone. Here, it is the Bluetooth earphone of approximately 15,000 yen at handAnker Liberty +And compared the sound. Then, Anker Liberty + is much higher in both low and high range, and the spread of sound is natural impression. The comparison with the earphone with the price that SoundCore Spirit can buy five is surely to say that the other party was bad.

The SoundCore Spirit can be used for applications other than earphone use, and by holding down the "play / stop" button of the controller for about 1 second, you can activate Siri on iOS, and Google Assistant such as Google Assistant on Android I can. For this reason, it is possible to examine the map while exercising and make a phone call.

SoundCore Spirit is also compatible with the IPX 7 waterproof standard, and it also supports sweat-proofing function. So I actually put it in salt water and I will check if it will break. As I was getting downset with sweat, I decided to prepare saltwater that I saw in sweat and see the function. Prepare salt water which saturates and salt does not dissolve ... ...

I tried SoundCore Spirit with power on for about 1 minute on salt water. No matter how sweaty it is, it will not be covered with salt water so far.

However, even with this, the earphone could be used without any problem. Even those who say "earphones are easy to break due to too much sweat" should be tolerable by this earphone.

SoundCore Spirit is 2999 yen including tax with Amazon, but only on June 12, 2018 (Tuesday) it is limited to 1,000 pieces and it is 2399 yen including tax.

Amazon | Soundcore Spirit(カナル型 Bluetoothイヤホン)【SweatGuardテクノロジー/8時間連続再生/IPX7防水規格/運動中もしっかりフィット】 | Soundcore | イヤホン・ヘッドホン<

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