Is that 'taste' flavor tasteless? I tried to taste "Mac Fleurie Gutta Macha" collaborated by Mac and Gutta

McDonald's and Sanrio character "Gifts"Collaboration menu"McFleurly Gourmet"Appeared in McDonald's at each store for a limited time from June 8, 2018. Topping into a rich soft cream, sponge cake and two kinds of sauces are mixed at high speed by topping, and it is possible to enjoy the deliciousness that imagined the game. In order to ascertain the taste of secret sauce, I actually tried it.

McFonald's Japan

Arrived at McDonald's. There were no posters etc. informing of the appearance of "McFluely iginuma" in front of the shops visited and in stores, but as soon as we asked the clerk, we dealt with "McFleurly Gourmet I will order.

"McFluely Lucky Star" (290 yen including tax) is completed in about 3 minutes. By the way, the navy is a character of "inconspicuous eggs that you have succumbed."

There are spoons in the cup as well as other McFleuries that are made by mixing soft cream and used when mixing.

Compared with iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm), the height of the cup is about half.

"McFluely Lucky" is provided in an original cup in which a gypsum is drawn. There are all six types of cup patterns, but this time it was accompanied by the phrase "deliciously served".

Remove the lid and spoon ......

There are two kinds of sauces, yellow and brown, and sponge cake which mixed image of the sprigs is mixed in inside.

Approaching you will smell like custard.

I can not imagine until I eat "Ichigatama" taste, I feel like taste like custard and caramel sauce. The rich custard and slightly sweet bitterness of caramel are accented with flavors, like a pudding taste.

Sponge cake inhales soft cream, biting and collapsing with chewing, cold soft cream will not flow out. "McFleurie Gourmet" felt perfect when you want to drown in sweet taste.

The time during which you can order McFluely Luckyard is scheduled for mid-July 2018 from the end of the morning until the closing of the morning (until the next morning at 1 midnight at the 24-hour business store).

McDonald 's preparing the second campaign celebrating the launch of' McFluely 's Gutta'. Campaign details and follow-ups are McDonald's Official Twitter (@McDonaldsJapan) Or check the official page of the following campaign.

McFleurie Northern Taste Great Expectation Campaign | Campaign | McDonald's Japan

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