On iOS 12, password auto-entry function also supports third party password manager

byPaul Hanaoka

Apple provides a function to automatically enter a password in Safari etc, but the set of ID and password that can be used with this automatic input function,iCloud keychainIt is only data saved in. 1 Password orLastPassSome users using third party password managers such as, for example, are unhappy with the fact that data stored in the Password Manager application can not be used with Apple's genuine password automatic entry function But, as we have just announcediOS 12It seems that data saved in a third party password manager can also be used.

Password AutoFill in iOS 12 will work with third-party password managers | TechCrunch

There are countless services on the Internet, and in order to use them safely, it is necessary to manage each password while changing their passwords. Although it is hard for me to remember multiple different passwords, it is a password manager application that is useful at such times, so even if you set a password that is hard to remember, it is easy to log in to the service.

It is a password manager application used by many smartphone users, but its use on Apple's iOS terminal has been quite troublesome. For some applications such as Safari and Facebook that support iCloud keychain, if you try to access your login page and enter your password, your password will be entered automatically, but your iCloud keychain is not supported In the application, it was necessary to open the password manager, copy the password, open the service or application to log in, and paste it to the corresponding part.

However, on iOS 12, third party password manager data can also be used with automatic input, so even if you do not store account information in iCloud keychain, for example, you can auto-enter if it is saved in 1 Password . 1 Password of password manager application welcomes the extension of automatic input function on iOS 12 on Twitter, and tweeted, "Thank you for the wonderful new API, thanks for a wonderful new API," WWDC this year is a wonderful gift, A state showing automatic input with account information saved in 1 Password is released in the movie.

Before the password is automatically entered in the movie, "1 Password" is displayed in the red frame part at the top of the keyboard, and you are logged in using the account information stored in 1Password, which is a third party password manager I understand this. Also, if account information is stored in both iCloud keychain and third party password manager, the user seems to be able to choose which information to use.

In 1Password, when iOS 11 added the function to input account information from iCloud key chain to Safari and other applications, I immediately contacted Apple and asked if 1 Password can do the same thing. After that, he seems to have continued to present several mockups to integrate 1Password and password automatic entry function, and that effort has become a form in iOS 12. In addition, not only 1Password, but also Dashlane and LastPass have been requesting similar requests for strongly appealing the extension of the automatic password input function to the Apple side.

Since the release of iOS 12 is planned around the autumn of 2018, login work on iOS terminal may become dramatic after autumn.

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