Meet Norway's Modern-Day Vikings Movie Approaching Women Living in Viking Lately

A buffetIt is a pirate who invaded coastal areas of Western Europe for about 250 years since the year 800, and there should be many people who have a savage image. However, many of the Vikings are made up of farmers and fishermen, so it is thought that they were not barbarians so far because there were few people who worked on pirates. Ingrid, Galadriel, Auna, and Nielsen live in Viking for most of the year in modern information society. Garadoriel Aunet · Nielsen himself talks about YouTube about what you can get from living in a buffet in modern times.

Meet Norway's Modern-Day Vikings - YouTube

"The days of Vikings are sometimes told as the era of" raids "and" wars ""

"But many of the Vikings were living as farmers and fishermen to live."

"My name is Ingrid, Galadriel, Aunne, Nielsen, a modern buffet."

"When I was fifteen,Viking MarketBy the time I stopped by, I became crazy about Viking. "

Galadriel Auné Nielsen is the head of the 3000-person Viking community in Norway,TrondheimBased in the suburbs of Japan, I spend most of the year as a Viking.

"When we walk in the mountains, we are enjoying having a" certain life "for several days."

"It's like to take a sleep outside and carry all the necessary things, such as food, by ourselves."

"We are investigating thoroughly what kind of meal was being done in the Viking era ..."

"We eat dried fish and meat like the Vikings of those days."

"When we live as a Viking, we use what we made, for example, all my clothes are made by myself."

"These clothes may be dyed using natural dyes"

"We are also making the shoes we are wearing, this is a curved leather sewed round ... ...."

"I feel like having gloves on my feet, rather than shoes."

"As we live as a Viking, people's feelings of those days have gradually become apparent"

"Modern people live in a very fast world and can get a lot of information at the same time"

"But taking the time a little and experiencing the life of living this moment now ..."

"Learning a lot of things and getting a new perspective as well will lead to changing our lives today."

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