A man's movie that made a real version 'escape game' to escape by unraveling the secret room's mystery

We aim to break out mysteries hidden in closed rooms and buildings with the head and to escape superblyEscape GameWas originally born as a computer game, but gradually it is getting to be played as a game reproducing the same situation in the real world. A male movie that made this real version escape game in Budapest city is released.

Inside the World's First Escape Room - YouTube

Escape game is a game to escape by unraveling the mystery based on the hint hidden in the closed room. An arbitrary keyed box or ... ...

A phone that seems to convey something

A box in which mysterious figures are written

Padlock to unlock numbers by matching numbers.

And materials handed to participants. It is a game that uses brains to unlock hints hidden in these items.

There are over 80 such escape rooms in Budapest city. However, I started this service at the very beginning ... ...

Attila Jurkovic. Escape Room "PARAPARKIt is a person who began.

Yurkovic says that he used to work as a social worker specializing in team work.

Turning point was triggered by playing "escape game" on computer.

Yurkovic, who thought that this could be reproduced in the real world, left the company three years later and opened the first escape room in Budapest city.

Jurkovic operates three escape rooms in Budapest city. One is a thing that can escape in a short time, and the other two are rooms that assume a play time of about one hour. The following picture is a room named "Crime Scene 95".

Participants will unravel the hints hidden around the room with their strengths.

For example, in this device, shuffle the pump at hand, inflate the balloon in the cabinet and hit the needle ... ...

I will get the key inside the balloon.

Using that key, open the locked trunk and get the next hint.

In another device, first find the egg hidden behind the plantation ......

When set on a table like a bird's nest ... ...

The top of the desk glows shimmer.

From the light comes the remarkable number "519" ....

Unlock the padlock with that number.

Then, a single doorknob came out from inside. This is possibly a clear sign of the room.

As expected, this is for opening the door where the door knob was missing. It is a game that unravels the mystery and escape from the room like this.

It is an easy trick if you know Karakuri, but it is surprisingly difficult for participants to solve a mystery from scratch.

"When the participants understand the answer," What is that kind of thing ~ ", says Yurkovic's hand to the forehead.

"No special training is necessary to play escape games, but it is necessary for participants to face mysteries with teamwork."

"Everyone shares information and we will unlock the hidden mystery"

The expression of the people who actually cleared is like this.

A really varied escape room is open in Budapest. From the study with such calm feeling ......

There are also prisons where prisoners are caught.

But its history began with Yurkovic.

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