Amazon's Jeff Bezos reveals the strategic utilization plan for the moon


Jeff Bezos who is also a founder of Amazon and also runs space exploration company "Blue Origin" said "We have time to return to the moon again", we announced the resource development plan for the month. According to Mr. Bezos, for the future of grandchildren and grandchildren's grandchildren, space development is an inevitable big business.

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National Space SocietyMr. Bezos who entered at the annual meeting of the International Space Development Association of the United States of America (Space Association of America) said that he would utilize the start-up Blue Origin, which he sees, for the development of the moon robot probe and settlement activities I declared. Mr. Bezos said that the problem of Earth resources in his grandchildren and their grandchildren generation would be more serious and if we do not start to acquire resources in space, we think that the world is forced to stop growing It is said that. Mr. Bezos, who thinks that such a future is not the future I want, declared that space development aiming for the moon would be done in order to make effective use of the resources of the moon. According to Mr. Bezos, "(monthly development) is not what we want to do but what we have to do".

In Bezos' plan, it is planned not only to mineralize resources, but ultimately also a manufacturing base utilizing photovoltaic power generation. The project said that one project like Blue Origin can not be done alone, and should not be done, and plans to launch it as an international project involving a number of space development companies including NASA is.

Like Bezos, SpaceX CEO Eulon Mask is also promoting a "project aiming for Mars" while feeling the limits of earth resources, but Mr. Bezos said, "I do not like to skip steps, I am clarifying the view that it is in vain to aim for Mars. For space development it is not a matter of Mars, but we should aim at a more realistic moon.

Mr. Bezos said in a public debate that "someone else will take over my vision or continue to develop space until my funds run out." Mr. Bezos invests $ 1 billion (about 110 billion yen) of his own shares held annually for Blue Origin, but as long as Amazon is doing good, the space development plan seems to be going smoothly.

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