I tried to taste the Shinano coffee "Natural ice with shaving ice Washi Sanbon coffee coffee cream" using "natural ice" and mother-of-pearl "coffee"

"The pursuit of coffee (coffee) for Japanese taste by Japanese people" and "to do hospitality as the highest-ranking cafe brand" such as to remove sourness from coffee with carefully selected coffee beans and sticking methods of brewingShinano coffee(Kan no hoo). "Kyoto shop" which is the first in the Kansai area with the third store next to such Ginza coffee Ginza store opened on May 23rd, 2018 (Wednesday). In the Kyoto shop, as a menu for the summer limited time, make spring water with "natural ice" frozen only in winter's cold "Natural ice with shaved ice Wasabi coffee coffee cream"It is said that it has appeared, I have been tasting the shaved ice of natural ice.

Kanno Coffee GINZA · KYOTO

Coffee for Japanese people by Japanese people "Shinano coffee" Kansai area opened for the first time! Kyoto store Grand Open on 23rd May | News Release | Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd.

The address of "Shinano coffee Kyoto shop" is "Kuroya-machi downtown Takakura Nishikini Chukyo-ku Kyoto Ward, Kyoto Prefecture 591". It is 2 minutes on foot from Hankyu Kyoto Line Karasuma Station, 3 minutes on foot from Karasuma Shijo Subway Station, next to the Daimaru Kyoto shop facing Shijyo-dori, and the opening hours are from 8:00 am.

Arrived at "Shinano coffee Kyoto shop." Shinano coffee is one of the business forms of the Doutor coffee group. The concept is that the customer feels the beauty of "Japanese", such as relaxing the four seasons and the heartbreak of others, with "five senses". The first store in Meguro-ku Tokyo opens in 2016, the Kyoto store will be the third store. The appearance that is based on black is a Japanese style hanging lanterns and goodwill.

Food samples such as "coffee shaved ice" using natural ice and coffee, which is the target for this time, are displayed in front of the shop.

When I entered the shop, it was a holiday and it was full. Write your name on the booking list and wait for the order to come near the entrance.

While waiting I will look around the entrance. A part of the kitchen has become visible so that the clerk sees the coffee extracted from the siphon and carries out the finished dishes and sweets. This siphon is a special one,Extraction of coffee beans at boiling point for a short timeIt is said that it can produce a unique flavor from coffee. At Shinano coffee,Coffee with a taste even if it cools downWe are offering.

The order came around and this time, the shop assistant took me to the first floor seat. Incidentally,Kyoto store also has a second floor seatYou can check a part of the interior on the website. The first floor is a long built retreat. Atmosphere that the walls and the ceiling are woodgraining, composed of interior decoration with a sense of quality and a table set.

The interior where the relaxed and luxurious time flows is also visible in the interior of a luxury train.

The seat of the guided seat sits down and feels fluffy, so you can relax comfortably.

There are two forms of shop style of Shinano coffee: "Factory & Lab" and "Cafe". In the "cafe" style store including the Kyoto shop, we offer two coffee "Tsuki Ren" and "Honori". Coffee beans thoroughly quality controlSpecialty coffeeCarefully selected, directly purchase, at the store blended from the state of "green beans"Premix recipe"I do extraction after roasting.

There is also ice coffee in Shinano coffee, coffee beans blended together with cold ice coffee, and it finishes to become powerful taste.

This time, thatBlended coffee for ice coffeeI will order a new menu "Containing natural ice with shakui Japanese traditional coffee coffee cream" with the concept of "coffee served with natural shaved ice" used as a syrup of shaved ice.

About 10 minutes after ordering "Natural ice shaved ice Wasabi coffee coffee cream coffee" (1080 yen including tax) arrived.

The height including the coffee cream and the vessel put on the top is about 17 cm, compared with iPhone 7 of long side 13.8 cm this way.

I sprinkle coffee cream like something like coffee bean powder.

Ice is a warehouse of the manufacture and sale of natural ice with sunlight "Matsuki HimuroThing of. It is a thing that naturally froze the spring water drawn from the mountain, it has been scraped down thinly.

As an oyster ice syrup, "Shinano coffee ice coffee" and traditional sugar produced in eastern Shikoku "WakozunaiThe combination of "is put on it.

When putting in a spoon, the spoon will move to the back of the ice with a smooth feel.

Natural ice used for shaved ice,Something that froze slowly over a period of about two weeks. It melts at the moment of putting in the mouth, it disappears soon after chewing. Coffee used in syrup, although it has scent and richness, does not feel any sourness at all, it feels slightly bitter. Sweetness by Wakamitsu is modest, but there is depth. As the ice melts, the aftertaste of the syrup disappears quickly without pulling the tail, leaving only a scent of coffee a faintness, so you can eat with a fresh feeling every bite.

Coffee cream is melted in the mouth like a foam and smooth. There is no touch which sticks like a whipped cream. Plus a little creamyness on shaved ice while keeping the flavor of coffee and delicate texture of ice.

In the center of the shaved ice, the coffee syrup is dense.

The ice in the center is stained with coffee color, but the texture of the ice as smooth as it is. I felt a little bit before eating, but I do not feel the germination or acidity at all even when the coffee becomes dense, so the pace to eat never goes down and I finished eating it before I knew it.

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