How much can I resemble Mona Lisa in makeup? The challenge of overcoming the perfection degree

The fact that makeup changes the impression of a person's face greatly,Many make-up movies published on YouTubeI can understand well. However, how close it to the 2D person, not the existing person? By saying that,Mona LisaA movie to make up to the wind has been released, and it has been completed to a degree exceeding the dimension.

Imitation makeup Mona Lisa - YouTube

It is this woman who applies makeup. It seems like a snappy at the start of the movie.

First of all, stick Eipuchi on eyelids and make an impressive wide double of Mona Lisa.

Compared with the start time, the impression of the eye has certainly changed. I will paint the foundation.

Also painted on the lips. I will erase the redness of my lips.

Put highlights ......

I will paint Brown 's liquid foundation that is uneasy as "Applying to your face is OK?" On your cheeks and eyes.

In order to express the height of the nose, also put brown around the hole of the nose ...

I will blur.

When I see it as if the outline and impression have changed considerably ......

At the next moment, there is a drastic change to think what the hell happened. Women are emphasizing the tear-drop bag under the eyes.

Is not this a painting, not a person anymore? To a plane feeling enough to mistake it.

And ...

It is completed. It seems to have changed to race, and it is an impression of the face which does not depend on the first person alike.

Yuya Mika uploaded a movie besides Mona Lisa, and Da Vinci's "A lady holding white rhinocerosesAnd ...

Imitation makeup lady with an Ermine - YouTube

We are publishing movies that transform into Marilyn Monroe. Both of them were already transforming art like art rather than makeup.

Imitation makeup Marilyn Monroe - YouTube

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