Research result that "the IT engineer of Indians is excellent" is not correct


In India in the IT powerhouse, Hinduism status systemcasteIT professionals are gaining great popularity as occupations where anyone can get a job without being bound by. Indian engineers are getting jobs at companies around the world, and there is a tendency that "Indian IT engineers who are good at mathematics are excellent", but research results denying such a trend were announced.

95% of IT "Engineers" in India Incapable, New Report Reveals - The New Observer

Indian talent evaluation company with customers as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Hyundai as many global companiesAspiring Minds"Conducted a survey of programming skills for more than 36,000 university students enrolled in more than 500 universities related to the IT industry. Then, 95% of the university students surveyed actually did not even have the basic programming ability, and it became clear that the fact that "India is an IT power country" has broken down the myth.

Aspiring Minds tested in an environment simulating dozens of languages ​​including C, C ++, C #, Java, PHP, Python, according to a report entitled "National Programming Skill Report." As a result, only 4.77% of Indian college students are able to write "Logically correct code which is the minimum requirement as IT engineer".

The evaluation of the test is divided into 4 stages such as A4, A3, A2, A1, and only 2.21% of the students got the A4 evaluation that "you can write the correct code functionally and logically" did. Students who received an A3 rating of "A functionally correct but logically wrong code" is 2.56% of the total, and students rated A4, A3 who can judge that there is minimal programming skill Together, it is only 4.77% of the total. 31.01% of the total can only write "code that is both functionally and logically wrong", and the remaining 64.22% of the students can only write "code that can not be compiled".

The investigation by Aspiring Minds also refers to the difference in programming skills between males and females and focusing attention on students who received the A4 rating, 3.16% of the male students received the A4 rating, and among the female students A4 It was 0.71% that received the evaluation. Also, it was 1.10% for the women who received the A3 rating, and 1.81% was a woman who could judge that "there is a minimum programming skill" combined with A4 and A3 evaluation.

On the other hand, the woman who evaluated A2 who wrote "code which is wrong both functionally and logically" is 22.93%, and it seems that 75.25% of A1 women who can only write "codes which can not be compiled" were.

Aspiring Minds, according to the results of this survey, said, "In order for IT industry in India to continue to grow, it is urgent to train IT engineers with advanced technology," IT skills of Europe and the United States We must conclude that we need to absorb.

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