Researchers point out that the reason that "puppies look lovely" is one of dog's survival strategies

The appearance of a puppy is very lovely and it is visible. The appearance of this puppy is shown by a study by Clive Wyn et al., Who is a professor of psychology at Arizona State University, that the possibility that a dog has acquired to take care of humans in the course of evolution it was done.

Dog Pups' Attractiveness to Humans Peaks at Weaning Age: Anthrozoos: Vol 31, No 3

Here's When Puppies Are Most Adorable, According to Science

Dogs evolved from wolves, but with dogs and wolves there is a big difference between parents taking care of their children. Children of wolves can be raised for up to two years by their parents, but in the case of puppies they will be weaned from about 6 weeks to 11 weeks after birth so they will not be taken care of from their mothers.

For this reason, the mortality rate of puppies is highest immediately after weaning, according to some statistics, more than 80% of pups who were unable to take care of people died in the first year after birth.

Previous studies on children of animals showed that humans recognized "pretty" for features seen in early childhood animals, such as "big eyes", "round faces" "small mouths" . However, as there has not been any mention on the content of "what age is most attractive", I am investigating how old you look at the most attractive in this research.

The research team gave 51 students a birth date of ~ 7 months of birthItalian · Corso · Dog"13 photos,"Jack Russell Terrier"12 pictures of white pictures and 14 pictures of" White Shepherd ", 39 pictures of black-and-white pictures were presented to evaluate whether puppies in each picture are attractive or not. Then, the Italian Corso Dog got 6.3 weeks, the Jack Russell Terrier got 7.7 weeks, and the White Shepherds got 8.3 weeks as the age appreciated as attractive.

The following image is a collection of nine photos actually presented to the students, the upper row shows Italian · Corso · Dog, the middle row shows Jack · Russell · Terrier, the lower row shows photos of White Shepherd and the left column shows the birth The picture immediately after, the middle row surrounded by the red frame is the most appealing and the right column is the picture at the age of 7 months.

It is also reported that the attraction of puppies is the lowest at birth at birth and peaks before reaching 10 weeks of age, and thereafter there is a tendency for the puppies to descend and level off with certain values.

The results of this study indicated that the puppy became the most attractive time when the weaned timing of becoming unable to take care of her mother and looked most lovable when it needed human protection. The research team says, "It may be a clue to show that dogs have evolved with human dependence."

In this study, I focused only on the evaluation of still images, and there is a possibility that the evaluation will change if it becomes a video of a puppy that contains animal movements. Mr Win says, "Further research is necessary to make accurate evaluation."

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