The Federal District Court ruled that President Cardinal's blocking to some users on Twitter is a constitutional breach

President of US President Donald Trump 's official Twitter account "@ realDonaldTrump"There are 52 million followers. Many people send criticous reply to Mr. Trump that makes a toothless story, Mr. Trump has blocked those people. However, the Federal District Court showed that the president's block is a constitutional breach and ordered the block to be released.

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This judgment was presented by Judge Naomi Raise Buchwald in the District Court for the District of New York against the complaint caused by Twitter users blocked by President Trump.

According to the judge, the official Twitter account of President Trump@ realDonaldTrump"And other government officials' comments are considered to be" open discussion places ", so it is not possible for blocked users to see the tweets of President Trump and not being able to respond, He said that he will infringe the free voice in Article 1.

The Department of Justice commented that it will consider future response. It seems that Twitter refused to comment on the judgment that it is not a party to this case.

Eugene Bowrock of the University of California Los Angeles who is familiar with Article 1 amendment of the Constitution pointed out that this decision will apply not only to Mr. Trump, but to all government officials, the magnitude of the impact I will.

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