I tried Sushiro's summer menu including Italian hand-held sushi "Red Shrimp Tomato Basil" and "Bukkake Curry Udon"

With the scroll chain of the turning chain, 11 kinds of period limited menus for the summer have appeared from Wednesday, May 23, 2018. I took a summer vegetable tomato and basil sauce and put it on sushi "Shrimp tomato basilSeven kinds of handful sushi such as "New side menu"Bukkake curry udon"Of parfait with shaved iceRegenerated milk shaving ice parfaitI tried a total of 11 items, all three types in the series.

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Arrived at Susirow.

Menu for the summer of Sushiro which appeared from May 23, 2018 (water) There are three types of "sushi" and "curry udon", and "parfait using the ice". First of nigiri sushi "red shrimp tomato basil", "raw salmon tomato basil", "raw ham tomato basil", "shrimp tomato basil", "smoked salmon basil warship", "jumbo Toro Salmon" ......

And, somehow I ordered "eggplant tomato basil" which was in another place in the menu.

Seven kinds of handful sushi arrived in about 10 minutes.

Of the seven kinds of hand-held sushi in the new menu, 6 types are "tomato basil series". It is a handful sushi which was finished in an Italian style by "raw tomato" and "special made basil sauce" which are cut every day in the store, over the sushi material.

◆ red shrimp tomato basil
"Shrimp shrimp tomato basil" (108 yen including tax) is a product obtained by putting tomato on a raw red shrimp and applying basil sauce.

The sweetness of tomato is combined with raw red shrimp. With the aroma of basil sauce and tomato, the unique fragrance of the raw shrimp is slightly alleviated and it feels easy to eat.

◆ raw ham tomato basil
Next, "raw ham tomato basil" (194 yen including tax). Raw ham brings the atmosphere of Italian tomato and basil sauce.

To the moderate salty taste of raw ham, refreshing tomato, basil combination Italian naturally excellent compatibility. I feel it is a fully completed taste.

◆ raw salmon tomato basil
"Raw salmon tomato basil" (194 yen including tax) with basil sauce and tomatoes on raw salmon, salmon is a complete protagonist. It is a little disappointing that the presence of tomato basil is thin, but a dish satisfactory with juicy greasy salmon.

◆ Nolly tomato basil
"Nasu tomato basil" (108 yen including tax) is a stuff of fried soaking with basil sauce and tomatoes, deep fried eggplant has mellow but soft texture, moderately salty sauce It is impromptu and excellent. The editorial staff who is a bit weak for eggplants said that the weak eggplant of the habit is being used, it could be eaten without problems without putting anything on. Also, it seems tomatoes are somewhat refreshed.

◆ shrimp tomato basil
"Shrimp tomato basil" (108 yen including tax) is a dish that feels both scent of boiled shrimp and basil scent. On the other hand, it can be said that there is no sense of unity because the scents of both are different. I feel that the presence of somewhat stronger than the sweetness of shrimp boiled with sourness of tomatoes.

◆ Smoked salmon basil warship
The end of the tomato basil series is "smoked salmon basil warship" (108 yen including tax). A war ship wrapped in tomato and basil sauce to a smoked salmon shredded. The fragrance of smoke is modest, and the habit unique to smoked is suppressed. The smoked salmon itself is seasoned with a deep flavor. The combination of smoked and aromatic herbal basil is perfect.

◆ Jumbo tooth salmon
"Jumbo towel salmon" (108 yen including tax) of handful sushi is the only one among the handful sushi in the new menu for summer, "not a tomato basil series". In 2017A handful sushi that appearedHowever, since it was not reviewed by GIGAZINE, I ordered it this time.

I will just add this sushi to soy sauce and eat it.

Salmon full of grease on the whole, firmly crisp. As a consistent, it was big and the response was outstanding.

◆ Bukkake curry udon
Next, order bukkake curry udon.

In several minutes after ordering, bukkake curry udon (356 yen including tax) arrived from lane. I bought udon noodles with curry roux. It is said that authentic special curry roux entangled with richness is a finish that appetizes intensely even in hot summer.

The height of the bowl is about half of iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm).

The diameter is about this. Place a small amount of soup stock on boiled noodlesBukkake noodlesAs you can see that curry is spreading on udon noodles and it is accompanied by a corn and a thickened green onions as a topping. A sweet scent drifts from curry that vegetables and fruits are melting in.

The appearance of curry looks pretty thick and looks spicy. However, when I try to eat, the taste of Dashi is strong, I taste sweet. It feels rather taste than beef stew rather than curry. If you go forward with eating, you will find a spicy spirit later on, but it's okay unless it's a person who is not good at spending too much. Also, since it contains plenty of corn it is basically a sweet seasoning.

Next is a series titled Susilo Cafe Dessert from the series titled "Shakiri Shaki ice parfait" series with "Philippe shari after shari" series, "condensed milk shaved ice strawberry" "condensed shaved ice strawberry" "condensed shaved ice mango" "condensed shaved ice soda" I will order.

In few minutes, condensed shaved ice mango and condensed ice shaved ice strawberry, and condensed shaved ice soda (each: 302 yen including tax) arrived. It is finished as a refreshing item to eat after sushi.

Which condensed ice cream parfait is also about 13 cm tall. Mixed most of the cup with condensed ice shaved ice, the ice is coarser than the sherbet as a topping, characterized by a sharp textureGraniteWe are putting on. In addition, both products are "condensed milk granite" which used condensed milk. In the cup of condensed shaved ice strawberry, you can see that shaved ice of condensed milk and shaved ice of condensed milk draws a layer.

◆ strawberry shaved ice strawberry
Regenerated milk shaved ice strawberry (302 yen including tax) places plenty of fruit syrup and chopped strawberry as a topping.

Besides, there are "condensed milk granrant" (left) and "whipped cream" (right) common to all 3 items of condensed shaved ice parfait.

Sweet and sour strawberries are mixed with sweet syrup without kud. Strawberry and sirupe Each other is complementing the taste and feels right balance.

The shaved ice of condensed milk is crispy but it is scattered for each grain and it collapses in the mouth. Shaved ice seasoned like sweet milk. If you eat it with sweet and sour strawberries on top it feels just good balance.

As I go forward, I rush into condensed ice with strawberry taste. Changes of sweet and sour strawberries are added to shaved ice.

◆ condensed shaved ice mango
Next is condensed ice shaved ice mango (302 yen including tax).

As raw toppings, raw mangoes, granulated milk, and whipped cream are on top.

In the cup, shaved ice of condensed milk and raw mango, and mango taste of shaved ice are layered.

Mango is soft, sweet and slightly sour truetrous as it is ripe.

Overall sweet finish, the shaved ice part of the mango-flavored condensed milk is also quite sweet with the mango, but I do not feel bad at the freshness of mango. When you want to eat something sweet thoroughly, it is recommended to choose condensed ice strawberries if you want condensed ice shaved ice mangos and sour taste.

◆ condensed shaved ice soda
Finally, condensed iced soda (302 yen including tax).

Jelly and whipped cream of soda flavored with ramune as a topping, and granrant of condensed milk are on top.

Ramune is easy to loosen by absorbing the moisture of granite and jelly and adds an exciting acidity to sweet shaved ice.

Jelly not in other condensed shaved ice parfait 2 parfait adds a mouthfelt made with pulp and sweet shaved ice and acidity of soda flavor.

As I go forward, I arrive at shaved ice of soda flavor. The soda taste is about presence to support sweet shaved ice. For the overall sweetness I felt about the second place between condensed ice shaved icing and condensed shaved ice mango.

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