Mr. Eulon Mask announces the establishment of a new site "Plavda" for evaluating the reliability of media

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Businessman'sEarlon maskMr. Electric car maker "Tesla"And the space project"SpaceXWe are attracting attention by doing a wide range of activities, including serving as CEO of the company. Mr. Mask said, "We will create a site where people can evaluate the reliability of the media."

Elon Musk Says He's Creating New Site Pravda to Rate Media "Credibility" | Inverse

Mr. Mr. says, "I will evaluate how truly people are about all the articles and create a site that can be seen by scoring journalists, editors, and publishers' credibility.The name of the site is I'm going to call "Plavda", "I talk about it on Twitter and I'm aggregating whether or not you think that you need a site like Plavda in the questionnaire.

This is a tweet posted by Mr. Mask on May 23, 2018.

This is a questionnaire. At the time of article creation, the remaining 17 hours, already over 320,000 have voted.

Mr. Mask in TeslaDevelopment delay problem of Model 3YaDeath accident caused by Tesla carEvery time a news report is made, we received less damage. Mr. Mask has refuted Twitter and other criticisms against criticism about his own business, but from journalists against the objections, "Mr. Mask does not trust the media like President Trump" Criticism such as it was received.

"Even with journalism, you must earn advertising revenue by earning the number of clicks," Mr. Mask said, journalists forget the original purpose of "fair and impartial coverage", report exciting news It is said that it tends to.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mask says "Prada's philosophy is not bad for the media side, as the number of clicks from users requesting correct coverage will increase if it is evaluated as" highly-trusted media "by Pravda" , Said that it is beneficial to both media and users.


Mr. Mask 's new website name "Pravda" means "truth and justice" in Russian, and in the Soviet era the name of the community magazine "PravdaIt was used. Pravda still exists as one of Russian leading tabloid papers, and about Mr. Mask's use of the name of "Pravda" dare "Mr. Mask is tired from Tesla's stress" "Dare to say reliability It is Mr. Mask's sense of humor that compared the new site to a poor Communist agency magazine. "

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