An athlete may become "genetic doping" as a cheating act that is hard to escape

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Lord Armstrong, a seventh consecutive Tour de France, and national athlete in sports such as Olympic gold medalist Athlete Ben JohnsondopingThere are cases in which past fame is dropped to the ground due to fraudulent acts such as. The use of banned drugs (performance improving drugs) has become a problem so far, but in the near future it may be that fraudulent acts that are more difficult to detect will be executedFuturismPointed out.

The Next Revolution of Sports Cheating: Rewriting Athletes' Genetic Codes

"CRISPRScientists insist that it is "theoretically possible" to create sports athletes who can demonstrate superior performance by using genetic (genome) editing techniques such as "Genetic engineering" and conventional genetic engineering techniques. This method is called "gene doping" from the viewpoint of improving the ability improperly by modifying the innate genetic code.


As a concrete example of "gene doping", there are "ElistopoietinAdding genes that encourage the generation of genes, etc. are mentioned. As the number of Erythropoietin increases, the number of erythrocytes in the blood increases and oxygen can be carried more, which leads to an improvement in the performance of athletes. In fact, doping with erythropoietin drugs also exists, and it is said that illegiopoietin was included in the prohibited drugs used by former road race player Lance Armstrong.

It is relatively easy to detect erythropoietin injected into the body, but what if supposing that the body has been remodeled to make it easy to produce erythropoietin? Detection of erythropoietin as being easy to produce erythropoietin by genetic recombination technology or the like, it is far more difficult to detect this than a case where erythropoietin is ingested as a prohibited drug. However, if you know the "original genetic information", "Olivier Rabin, senior executive at the World Anti-Doping Organization (WADA), said," It would be possible to determine whether genetic modification is taking place or not " IsTalkis.

byGeorgie Cobbs

In addition, it may be possible to use advanced genomic editing rather than genetic modification. Unlike gene recombination, genome editing is a technique of literally "editing" genetic information already held by living organisms. Therefore, detection may be more difficult than genetic recombination.

Therefore, WADASubmit genetic code to Olympic athleteIt is also reported that you are seeking. "Requesting the submission of a genetic code" is a gray area from the viewpoint of privacy, and it is clear that it is a more difficult problem in light of the fact that some of Olympic players are minors. In addition, it is impossible to imagine how difficult it is because it is necessary for sports athletes to collect genetic codes of all athletes before they can perform genome editing.

In addition, cases have already appeared in which genome editing has already been applied to humans.

Genome editing to save the life of a leukemia girl for the first time in the world - GIGAZINE

Using genomic editing technology 'CRISPR / Cas 9', it turned out that 86 genetic modifications were already made in China - GIGAZINE

Researchers can also educate athletes about ethical issues and health risks related to genetic dopingSuggestiondoing. However, it is clear from the case of past doping that "the athlete does doping regardless of the risk of itself", it is clear that the possibility of sacrificing the future to grab the glory will be zero There is none. And Futurism points out that the modern sports circle "has no technique to stop doping effectively," predicting the appearance of future genetic doping in the future.

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