The poop of the bearbug that the life force is very strong is messed up

"Bearbear"Is an extremely small animal with a size of 50 micrometers (about 0.05 mm) to 1.7 mm, and it lives in a very diverse environment from wet ground to underwater, from deep sea to high mountain. A bearbug that can survive even in harsh environments is known as "a highly life-like creature", but a movie that makes such a big pooch is taken of such a bearbear.

Tardigrades Apparently Do Huge Poops

A bearbear that can withstand all kinds of environments survives a temperature exceeding the boiling point of water of ultra-low temperature close to absolute zero degree of -270 degrees to 150 degrees, it will not die even if the body moisture reaches 3%, human death It can withstand the level of radiation and vacuum condition.

You can see the movie that captured the moment when such a beetle pounding from the following tweets.

He is enrolled in a doctoral course in molecular biology at Harvard UniversityTessa · MontaguMr. Suwa succeeded in grasping the moment when the beetle pounding into the movie. In the body of the bearbird reflected on the microscope, poppies with about one-third of the total length are contained.

Kumamushi pushes out poop slowly while moving body forward and backward ......

Finally succeeded in giving poop.

Kumamushi kicks the poop out of the body with the back leg.

Kicking off the poop, slowly the bearbear took a distance.

Montague, who succeeded to the movie of the shooting, "but tardigrades in how often does not know whether to poop, it seems not to poop less frequently" for the poop of tardigrades has stated that, by chance He also said he was fortunate to be able to take rare footage.

In addition, Mr. Montague seemed to have seen a moment when a bear bee tries to poo in an online video before, but in that case too, the bean beet puppy seems to be very big. Mr. Montague said, "At least from the two examples I saw, the bean beetle is very big."

In the movie shot this time, the appearance and poop of bearbear is reflected in black and white, but it is due to the setting of the microscope in black and white. Mushrooms are staple foods of local clothing and algae, so Mondaguu says that the color of real pooch is "bright green".

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