I forgot the forbidden gourmet "pot tea tea" with "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO tempura tea salt"

Potato chips say that Lake Ikebaya made a pride and made it "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO"KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO Tempura tea salt" has been added on May 14, 2018 (Monday). This potato chips is a product made with "motif of crunchy tempura with tea salt" as a motif, not only eating as a single body, but also putting it in teaingPotato teaing"As it is said to be delicious twice, I tried it twice as a single potato teaing or actually eaten.

KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO Tempura tea salt "officially approved" forbidden gourmet "brought about by traditional Japanese tradition and innovation is delicious twice! POTETHI (R) tea campaign implemented

KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO Japanese potatoes 100%. The pursuit of the texture like tempura made by craftsmen, finally realized the biting feel like crushing in the mouth. "Tempura crispy texture tempura tea salt" new release! | KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO | Lake Ikebayashi Co., Ltd.

This is "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO Tempura tea salt" (162 yen including tax). "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO" is a project to disseminate the climate / culture that is the "pride of Japan" and the material it creates in "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO"Lake Ikebaya JAPAN PRIDE ProjectThis is the first volume of the series.

Tea leaves of raw materials are "Matcha 80%, Tencha 20%". Matcha is produced in Nishio, Aichi prefecture, and tea tea is from Yame Fukuoka prefecture.

Energy per bag is 323 kcal, carbohydrate is 35.9 g.

When you move it to the plate roughly, you can see that green is slightly hazy in the distance.

It is like green sprinkled with powdered green tea as it is, but the scent has a presence of about "like a faint smell of tea ......"

When I tried it, the salty taste was slightly effective and the crisp and light texture. I felt that the fragrance and bitterness of faint tea complemented the salty taste. It is thinner and crumbles more easily than the normal lake pond potato chips, and it feels low uniformity by molding, so it is certainly "close to tempura 's clothing" texture.

This potato chips is topped with Noriya 's tea gift Nori to complete "potato tea", so I will try making potato tea at once.Lake bus shopAccording to Potechi tea ceremony, it seems that some potato chips users enjoy secretly gaining support.

That's why I made custard and tea ceremony.

I will post "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO Tempura tea salt".

Potato tea making has been completed.

Nagatani's "tea-nori seaweed" is salty, potato chips are also close in salty taste and taste, and potato chips themselves also play the role of the hail of teaing, and the compatibility is outstanding. Especially "KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO" is easy to crumble, so it fits well for teaing, I felt that it might be perfect for beginners "pot tea tea".

KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO Tempura tea salt can be purchased at retail stores nationwide. In Lake Ikebaya, a campaign to present to 100 people by lottery with a set of "Lake Keiya" KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO Tempura tea salt "× 6 bags and Nagatanen" 4 tea donning seaweed bags "× 1 bag" in 2018 5 We are carrying out until Monday, 28th (Monday). The application form is the following link.

Lake Ikebaya × Nagatanen KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO Tempura tea salt is delicious twice! POTETHI® tea campaign | Lake Ikebayashi Co., Ltd.

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