A surprise report that the domain service stopped due to negligent registrar and the web service went down

byMichael Himbeault

A registrar who registers and manages a domain equivalent to an address on the Internet is called a registrar. The registrar performs domain allocationICANNYou can engage in domain registration work by clearing strict examination by. However, a report that the provided web service has gone down has been released due to too much ridiculous management and support by registrar who should have cleared rigorous judgment.

UptimeChecker.io - Be aware: How domain registrar can kill your business

Uptimechecker.ioMonitors terminals that communicate using HTTP and WebSocket, and offers a fee-based service that sends notifications as soon as problems arise. On May 3, 2018, engineer Tomislav Lombarovic realized the name resolution of the domain "uptimechecker.io" became unstable. If the domain is stopped, the monitoring / notification service provided by Uptimechecker.io will also be stopped, so that not only the uptimechecker but also the activity of the user will be hindered.

The domain "uptimechecker.io" isdomain.comIt was registered with a registrar called. Lombarovic, who noticed that the domain's validity period is about to expire, had already done the renewal application procedure. Lombarovic, who remembered that, immediately logged in to domain.com and confirmed the details of the domain, and as a result, no updating procedure was supposed to have been done at all and the domain expiration date is 2 I also understood that it was a day.

In a hurry Lombarovic contacted support of domain.com, but it was confirmed that the support was surely receiving the renewal application, and a support ticket was created immediately. Lombarovic periodically checked the support ticket, but after 4 hours without any movement, the reason why the setting of "uptimechecker.io" DNS server has become the default value why I noticed. This means that "Uptimechecker.io's system is completely down".


Lombarovic contacted support again saying "Users can not access the service at this rate, it is urgently needed." And eight hours after waiting, I finally got a response from support. However, the content is "I will apologize for any inconvenience, please follow the instructions sent from specialists within 24 - 48 hours", the sense of crisis at all that the user's service is down due to domain stop She said that he was such a text that he did not remember.

Moreover, since I did not receive any reply afterwards every time after that, Lombarovic migrated the system to a new domain "uptimechecker.org" that I signed up with another domain registrar and registered, Take the last resort to notify everyone. Immediately after Lombarovic moved the service to the new domain, domain.com finally received an apology. However, at the end of the apology statement, it seems that contact from domain.com has ceased.

One week after migrating the system, DNS server settings were restored to the correct values ​​and "uptimechecker.io" restarted. According to reports from support, it was said that we will contact you again once the update is completed, but the support tickets are not updated at all. Lombarovic said that while it operates both "uptimechecker.io" and "uptimechecker.org" for a while in order to regain control of the domain, it will withdraw from domain.com and complete transfer to another registrar doing. At the same time, Mr. Lombarovic is urging people to be careful that their business will not be the worst due to domain registrars doing a lame job.

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