Amazon founder Bezos says, "Do not be afraid of being misunderstood to start new things."

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It is also the founder and CEO of Amazon worldwide mail order siteJeff BezosMr. is the World Chief Officer in 2018Shined first placeIn other words, it is "the world's best successor". Mr. Bezos said to people who are thinking about entrepreneurs, "If you can not forgive misunderstanding about yourself, you should not start a new thing."

Jeff Bezos on what it takes to be innovative

Forbes real-time asset rankingAccording to Mr. Bezos, he owns about 130 billion dollars (about 14 trillion yen) of assets at the time of article creation, and Amazon employees have a harsh work environmentIt is being forcedWhile being criticized, it is certainly known as one of the most successful people in the world.

Work on publishing e-booksAxel Springer SEIt is the CEO of the companyMathias DufnerIn an April 2018 interview received with Mr. Bezos, "Before I say to people," If you want to start something new or innovative, do not hate being misunderstood from the surroundings It is "It means that it is not good" ". Mr. Bezos continued saying that if it can not tolerate what is misunderstood, it should not start something new for other people.

One example of that "misunderstanding" is Amazon's ability to post reviews of books by users. The publisher who received a negative review from the user with this review function accused Amazon's review method, but Mr. Bezos never changed Amazon's review function.

Mr. Bezos says, "When new things start, criticism is gathered from people who support old ways while new customers accept that way," criticisms of new things are attached I told you there was. In addition, Mr. Bezos said that some of the people who express critical opinions said, "People who are worried that the new system will fail," and "the position they are acquiring in the old system Those who do not want to be threatened "are also said to exist.

byali asaria

"It is natural that you think that you might proceed without receiving criticism from anyone at the time of entrepreneurship, but since criticism is unavoidable considering in reality, we There is no choice but to accept it, "Mr. Bezos said. Mr. Bezos says he faced a skeptical opinion when he launched Amazon.

When Mr. Bezos focused on the possibility of the Internet in 1994 and came up with an idea to launch a book mail-order site on the Internet, Mr. Bezos consulted with his company's boss. My boss admitted that Mr. Bezos's idea was awesome, but he said he advised Mr. Bezos "Do you have to do a job that is already in a straightforward position?" Mr. Bezos was highly respected for his boss and thought advice received as advice for 48 hours but eventually he founded, which is the predecessor of Amazon, and seized the current success .

Mr. Bezos said, "It is wonderful for entrepreneurs and investors to pursue their curiosity and passion and accomplish something new," says Bezos, pursuing innovative ideas after understanding that there are also painful things It is important to do.

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