Robert Downey Jr. who played Iron Man is making a documentary program on moderatorial artificial intelligence

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"Ironman"Sherlock HolmesActors known for such asRobert Downey Jr.Has been reported to host a documentary program on the theme of artificial intelligence (AI) currently under construction. Although it is said that the name of the program has not been decided yet, payment service on YouTube "YouTube RedIt will be delivered in 2019 as the original content of.

Robert Downey Jr. is making a YouTube Red series about artificial intelligence - The Verge

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In addition to AI, the program also deals with science, philosophy, technology, engineering, medical science, etc., and it is contents that Downey · Jr. will explain while interviewing various experts, and it is 1 hour × A series of eight episodes is planned. To the production staff of the program is the wife of Downey · Jr.Susan DowneyIt is said that members of the production team "Downey" led by the team will participate.

Downey · Jr. is also known to have been interested in the latest technology for a long time. For example, while shooting the first film "Iron Man", visiting the Earon maskSpaceXVisit the factory and place a Tesla Roadster in the workshop to show that the millionaire Tony Stark is a tech shopOrderedAnd that. Also, in order to provide her own voice for the butler type AI "JA R.V.I.S." Introduced at Mark Zuckerberg's homeI ran for Facebook.It became a topic.


Susan Downey said, "Both Robert and I are interested in the complex and rapidly changing world of AI.We will explore the world of AI boldly and fun through this program, so that it is objective and friendly I am aiming for that. " Suzanne Daniel, who is responsible for YouTube's original content distribution, said, "I am delighted to be involved in an innovative and new documentary series with smart creativity.This documentary series is an exciting development of AI's world We can dig down and catch a glimpse of the future. "

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