"Creator of FPS" John Carmack talks about Steve Jobs' memories?


Steve JobsWhile being worshiped as a charismatic leader who rebuilt the crisis Apple, "As a company's topThere were many problems.Also pointed out. I have been working as an engineer for many years with Mr. JobsJohn CarmackHe posts memories with Mr. Jobs to Facebook.

John Carmack: My Steve Jobs Stories

Mr. Carmack became co-founderid SoftwareCompany called in 1993DoomWe released a PC game called Mr. Carmack as a lead programmer in the development of Doom. Mr. Carmack is involved in Doom and many other game developments and is known as "the creator of FPS games".

Mr. Carmack when he was teenager who was interested in computers from a young age, as well as Apple computer fans at the time, with JobsSteve · WozniakHe said that he had a great admiration for him, and from his admiration for Apple at the age of 14Apple IIIt was enough to invade the school to steal, arrested. Also, Mr. Jobs who left Apple at computer show "NeXT"When looking at a commercial computer, he says he felt like" looking at the future as if ".

id SoftwareWolfensteinYaCommander KeenWe have succeeded in the game titles such as, and it seems that NeXT's computer was immediately introduced to the company with its earnings. Mr. Carmack said he loved NeXT's computer and said he wanted to display the word "Developed on NeXT computers" during Doom's launch process. Mr. Jobs who found out the value as advertisement in Doom eventually contacted Mr. Carmack and started contract negotiation to display NeXT's logo on Doom's start screen, but Mr. Carmack said " I did not appreciate it, "he said that it took several years to negotiate.

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When the crisis-bought Apple bought NeXT, he felt the possibility of "Apple may revive with the advantage of NeXT", he says that Mr. Carmack was very excited. Mr. Carmack worked on Apple,OpenGLI succeeded in adopting it as a 3D graphics API, but in the process I told Mr. Jobs that he had many intense arguments. Mr. Jobs said that he tried to withdraw Carmack's argument by submitting any alternatives to Mr. Carmack's suggestion, "Although Jobs's proposal was practical, it was not a really good proposal," Mr. Carmack I am telling you.

Mr. Carmack who knows the mistake was sometimes irritated several times because Mr. Jobs talks confidently even if it is obviously wrong content. Mr. Carmack said that once Mr. Jobs decided once it pushed forward toward that goal, bought the company, took over the company, scheduled a keynote lecture, and made the decision quickly in the blink of an eye. Carmack said OpenGL adoption was a big choice for Apple, and it seems that adoption of OpenGL has led to the introduction of GPU on mobile terminals.

Mr. Carmack soon began to give a keynote address with Mr. Jobs, but Mr. Jobs' lecture was not always able to keep the planned time, and many people were being dealt with. Mr. Carmack believes that the act of not observing this time is also "calculated performance" and Mr. Jobs said he was very enthusiastic about the lecture, but Mr. Carmack himself will give a lecture with Jobs himself I did not like that.

Mr. Jobs said that he wanted to give a lecture with Mr. Carmack, but he also persuaded Mr. Carmack 's fiancé as well to put off his wedding ceremony which was scheduled on the same day as the keynote lecture. Mr. Jobs has asked for a postponement of the wedding with a very fascinating smile but when he refuses to say that Mr. Carmack never plans to postpone the wedding, he immediately turns his smile into a cold expressionless face He said that he gave up persuasion.

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When doing a keynote lecture in Japan, Mr. CarmackDoom 3When preparing the demonstration material of Jobs, Mr. Jobs said from the managers in the neighborhood that "Jobs does not like bloodshed images, so change the contents," he said that he was extremely annoyed. According to Mr. Carmack, it certainly exists that Doom 3 has a bloodshed scene, but there is not that important in demonstration.

Ultimately Carmack explained the demonstration in front of lecturers including Mr. Jobs and Mr. Jobs said "I trust John", so Mr. Carmack will give a lecture without changing content I have made it.

Carmack runs on mobile terminalDoom RPGMr. Carmack says he was interacting with Mr. Jobs several times when he was working on Mr. Jobs. Back then, Apple began development of the iPhone, Mr. Carmack seems to have been eagerly talking about expectations for the iPhone. Mr. Carmack did not engage in the project directly, but when I learned at the recital that the iPhone has a GPU and a huge color display, Mr. Carmack was very excited.

However, Mr. Jobs keynote on the iPhone, he said little about the installed GPU and huge color display, and talked about the content around the web application. Mr. Carmack said that "Jobs's explanation does not mention the true value of the iPhone," he said that he was dissuading great dissatisfaction while listening to lectures in the front row.

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After the keynote speech about the original iPhone, Mr. Carmack remained after the general people broke up and talked with Mr. Jobs about the iPhone with other parties. Mr. Carmack told the dissatisfaction about Mr. Jobs' dissatisfaction and mentioned the problem about the installed OS, and he said to Mr. Jobs "John, you seem to be very smart, how about writing with the new OS?" It was said that Mr. Carmack thought "Fuck you, Steve".

As you can see from the episodes above, Mr. Carmack says that the time when Mr. Jobs was "a wonderful hero" and the time when it was a "fucking boss" was extremely big, and Mr. Carmack will soon be Mr. Jobs' He said that he left away from the ground. For the iOS application that Mr. Carmack last worked on,RageIt was the iOS version of the game.

And after the launch of Rage, Mr. Jobs received a call from Mr. Carmack, Mr. Jobs and Mr. Carmack finally interchanged. The news that Mr. Jobs' health condition has deteriorated was also reached to Mr. Carmack, but Mr. Carmack tried to send encouragement e-mail several times, but he said that he did abandon his idea of ​​a good writer By doing that, "I regret not having mailed at this time," Carmack said.

Mr. Carmack is confident about "many negative episodes being said after Mr. Jobs' death" I think it was true. " On the other hand, Mr. Jobs has said that Mr. Jobs had a big influence on his life, since his existence and career are definitely guided by Jobs.

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