Why do wage disparities arise among men and women?

byOlga DeLawrence

A book that wrote about mortgage and other techniques to get around in a chaotic contemporary society "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos"Has attracted attention as it becomes the best seller in just two weeks from the launch. The author, clinical psychologist Professor Jordan B. Peterson said, "Since universities have become subjects of new Marxist postmodernism such as feminism and black studies, even if the budget of clinical psychology is reduced Since I commented that "I can not help it", I bought a lot of antipathy from people who studied gender theory etc, but the British news programChannel 4 NewsIn his interview, he confides his thoughts to women's wage disparity in detail and is valuable knowledge for people living in modern times.

Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism - YouTube

The first question asked to Professor Peterson is that "You write a book that you need to crawl up from hell, do not you tell me the reason?"

In response, Professor Peterson said, "Because there is nothing as ugly as an old baby, men who have not been able to grow firmly are those who are unable to find a meaning to live in their lives, so they will encounter difficult times and suffer They are resentful with resentment, resentment without purpose, resentment, resentment, arrogance, deceitfulness, not being a partner for myself, being a partner for women, good But there is not one. "

Such a bitter message is sent to the general public to the last, Professor Peterson said that it is not targeting to "young men". Professor Peterson has posted many lecture videos about why it is misunderstood as "a message that is casting on a young man"YouTubeAbout 80% of users are men. He thought that young people might help get guidelines for supporting themselves in their life, he said that he began publishing lecture videos on YouTube.

In response to the interviewer's inquiries of "What if that idea is wrong?" While publishing it on YouTube, saying, "I do not think that young men have received words of encouragement as words of encouragement" Comment that a lecture video that has a lecture has been able to tell young people that they need to grow themselves. In addition, he said that the young people were well hungry for these kind of messages.

Also, for the question "Why are these messages for young men?", Professor Peterson asserts that there is no such intention, "Just because YouTube has a lot of male media So, Tumblr is the only media with more women. " In the evidence, the woman who saw the lecture movie visits herself or purchases books.

Next, on "gender wage disparity". In the UK, the interviewer raises a specific figure that the wage disparity between men and women is 9% and questions about "Why does wage disparity arise only because of gender differences?"

Peterson, on the other hand,Multivariate analysisIt has been demonstrated that there is no fact that gender has a disparity, "he said. Of course, it is said that gender is also an important factor in wage disparity between men and women, but sociologists point out that it is necessary to decompose them into various elements such as other age, occupation, interests, personality, etc. and analyze. And Professor Peterson claims that other factors have a greater influence on wage disparity than sex of men and women.

"The wage disparity between men and women is actually shown as" 9%. "Is this not unfair?" The interviewer is convoluted, but professor Peterson said that gender wage disparity exists While acknowledging that it is clear that the recognition that gender wage disparity is occurring by sex is obviously wrong. Of course, one of 18 elements in multivariate analysis is gender differences between men and women, and we also acknowledge prejudice caused by sex of men and women, but the influence of sex in wage disparity between men and women is "a little bit "I commented.

Then, what is the cause of wage disparity between men and women? Professor Peterson said that the factor that works significantly during career advancement is "not cooperative". People with no cooperativeness have "aggressive leadership" to conform the surroundings, which means that they play a major role in promotion. Professor Peterson thinks that women are more cooperative because they are more delicate than men and that difficulties in becoming managers leads to wage disparities between men and women.

In addition, he introduced social experiments conducted on the Scandinavian Peninsula, and gave freedom to equally select men and women equal in occupation, whereas one in twenty women chooses a nurse while men We have revealed that we could only obtain figures less than that. Also, the percentage of women who choose engineers is almost the same as the percentage of men who choose nurses, which is said to be responsible for widening salary gaps. In other words, there are many occupations in which women competitiveness in capitalism is low in terms of women 's occupation and working style.

Studies have shown that women can no longer choose science and mathematics roads so that gender equality is realized in other research, and the difference in selection among men and women is the identity of the wage gap, and gender differences between men and women Professor Peterson claims that it is not due to it.

Study results that women will no longer choose science and mathematics as gender equality is realized - GIGAZINE

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