Nintendo and Sony reviewed the guarantee about the "sticker and warranty invalid" sticker affixed to the game machine

It is affixed to home game machines and computers"Seal off and invalid" sealIs that you can not receive the product warranty if you peel off the stickers. Although it is affixed as common as to prevent disassembly / analysis by a third party other than the manufacturer, it has been regarded as a problem for a long time as it is actually illegal. While knowing that such illegalness, for many years manufacturers who have been using "stripped off invalid" seals, the Federal Trade Commission of America, the institution that oversees and monitors unfair trade in April 2018 (FTC) sent a warning letter, but this warning has revealed that manufacturers such as Nintendo, Sony and Hyundai renewed the warranty details.

Hyundai, Nintendo, and Sony have updated their warranties following warnings from the FTC - The Verge

As to the reason why the seal of "Warranty void if removed" sticking on the main body of the electronic product etc. has been illegal and continued to be used, if you read the following article I understand it well. As a manufacturer's eyes, we can see assertion that "It is not possible to guarantee hardware that was subjected to unintended repair or remodeling", but this is an act forbidden by the Magnuson · Moss method of the United States, FTC Even stated that the seal seal was illegal. Still, the manufacturer seems to have used the seal stick because the court cost is higher than the amount that the consumer side regained even if he tried to make a trial, it was thought that the situation was inevitable because it was forced to cry .

What is the reason why Microsoft and Sony and others continue to use seal seals for illegal when stripped? - GIGAZINE

In the meantime, at the end of April 2018, FTC finally issued a warning "to the manufacturers" that the seal seals warning that the warranty is invalid if they are peeled off violates federal law " I sent a warning letting you point out the illegality and stop the practice.

The FTC sends a warning letter to major companies as "stickers and warranty is invalid" seals that are rampant at plague · Xbox etc. illegal - GIGAZINE

Although FTC sent alert letters to ASUS, HTC, Hyundai, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), Nintendo and Sony received warnings and warranted terms on their hardware We announced that it updated.

The SIE has announced the renewal of the terms of warranty on the following pages, "Our previous warranty was that the warranty will not apply if the product is used with peripherals not supplied or licensed by SIE However, our new warranty states that the warranty does not apply only when "damaging" the product that occurred when using unlicensed peripherals. " In addition, "Although the previous warranty stated that the warranty seal of the product was changed or deleted, the warranty did not apply, but with the latest warranty, damage due to opening of the product, or SIE delegate or SIE certification It is stated that it is not applicable to damage by services of people other than service providers, "he says that the scope of warranty when pealing off the seal is also changed.

Warranty Updates for U.S. and Canada PlayStation® Systems

Also Nintendo has changed the guarantee content, so far it was stated that "If the product is used in a product not sold or licensed by Nintendo, the warranty will not apply" With the latest warranty, "If the product that Nintendo has not sold or licensed is damaged, the warranty will not apply" has been changed.

Nintendo - Customer Service | U. S. Warranty Text |

In addition, Hyundai also changed the guarantee contents to the specialty of automobile specialty mediaCar and DriverI reveal it.

In addition, the six companies that sent the warning sentences from the FTC are obliged to respond within 30 days, and if neglected, there is the possibility of taking legal measures.

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