Google's logo "Google Doodle" dedicated to "world's first professional film director" to 4K · 360 degree VR animation

According to the great birthday and anniversary, the specially prepared Google logo is "Google Doodle"is. Prominent as "the world's first professional film director"Georges MelliesIn celebration of the director work "Polar conquest" being released on May 3, 1912, 360 degree VR animation was adopted for Google Doodle for the first time on May 3, 2018. The movie released at this time is officially uploaded on YouTube, and you can experience VR animation when you watch on smartphone or VR compatible device.

360 Google Doodles / Spotlight Stories: Back to the Moon - YouTube

A curtain opened with "Google 360" opened ......

A man appeared on the stage. The characteristic beard is exactly like Georges Meries himself.

When you turn the handle attached to the box which is at the top of the stage, the star pops out ... ...

In addition, three bands with musical instruments also appeared. Everyone has the same face, this is a director directed by Georges Meries "The One-Man BandHomage of.

The man approaches the playing cards under the stage.

As I passed through the King's card of the club swiftly, I became like a king.

When the man pulled out the heart from the heart's card and dedicated it to the Queen's card, the princess jumped out of the playing card. Directed by Georges Meries, published in 1904The Living Playing CardsThere is also a scene where the princess and the king jump out from the cards.

If I look further to the right inside, there was a big fish bowl.

When a man touches a goldfish bowl, it instantly changes into the sea, and the princess also becomes a figure of a mermaid princess. A similar scene was directed by Georges Meries "The MermaidEven it is drawn.

A man pierced a nearby shell, and a large grain of pearls was shining inside.

As I took out the pearl, the water surface fell down and the princess also returned to the dress from the mermaid princess.

A man blows in like a beach ball to inflate the pearl it takes out and inflates it.

The bulging pearl becomes the sun, climbs to the sky high and starts to illuminate the area.

Returning the line of sight to the stage, the princess and the man danced the dance.

Suddenly a big book will fall on top of a man.

Devils appeared from the book. The devil's appearance coming out of the book was published in 1901Blue BeardThe same thing as ".

The devil wears the princess.

In order to change the princess, a man bravely fights with the devil.

The man and the devil went to the left of the stage while fighting. Then the princess made a momentum, and confined the devil in the box.

The princess kisses the cheek of a brave man.

The princess suddenly took out a magic wand, changing his clothes ... ...

I change my clothes, I will run a man with the man to the top of the stage.

One of the rockets that was on the stage was one. A rocket carrying a man and a princess will climb the sky ......

I will arrive in the month. The picture the rocket sticks to the face of the moon is Georges Meries' s masterpiece "Moon World TourHomage of.

A man is happy tied with the princess on the moon and the movie is over.

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