I tried "Peach Hiyaku" and "Plain Hiyakaku" which sandwiched between cold milk soft and peach compote in crisp shoe fabric

Almond based crispy texture shoe fabric, put milk soft "Plain HiyakAnd a new flavor with peach compote "Peach HiyakIs "nationwide"Crocan shoe zakkaku"It appeared in the store for a limited time from May 11 (Fri) in 2018. I tried to taste the sweet sandwiched by cold milk soft in 'Crocan' fabric which means 'crispy and comfortable crunchy' in French.

"Hiyaku" released. New product "Peach Hiyaku" also debut! We received a favorable reception from all of you, and this year we will expand nationwide! From Friday, May 11 | Crocanshoe Zakkaku [CROQUANTCHOU ZAKUZAKU]

There are two kinds of store formats of Crocan shoe zakuaku, but "Peach Hiyaku" and "Hiyaku" are provided only throughout the countryCrocan shoe zakkakuOnly at the store of "Z Crocan Sho The ZakuakuPlease note that we do not handle it at stores.

The shop I visited this time "Crocanshoe Zakkaku Rukua Osaka store"Is a food court located on the basement floor of the basement" LUCUA 1100 "of West Building" LUCUA OSAKA (Lukua Osaka) "directly linked to Osaka Station"Lukua Food HallIt's in ".

"Crocanshoe Zakkaku Rukua Osaka storeArrived at the east side of Rukua Osaka.

This time, descend the eastern escalator in the building and head towards the food court "Rukua Food Hall" on the second basement with the target shop.

Arrived at basement 2 floor. There is an escalator that has come down on the left side of the photo. If you advance the aisle (westward) along a group of eating and drinking establishments lined up on the wall on the right side of the photo, you will arrive at the target store.

The route is like this when it is represented by "the in-hall map with the target direction (west) up". When going upward (west direction) along the right side (north side) eating and drinking group group from near the escalator on the lower side (east side) of the photo of the current location, the shop "Crocanshoe Zakzakurquua" Osaka shop ".

After a few minutes from the aisle of the right side (north side) of the escalator, going to the west side like a restaurant group arrives at the "Crocan shoe zakzakurukua Osaka shop" just outside the food court "Rukua Food Hall" entrance.

There is a poster in front of the shop informing of the appearance of both period limited menus.

There was a holiday and there was a queue in front of the shop. I join the queue and wait for the order.

You can see the restaurant cooking over the glass at the store.

"Crocan shoe saucer" is a cream puff that sticks to the deliciousness of the fabric "CrocanshoeIt is a shop of a signboard menu. All the stores cook in the store "Shop integral storeThat thing. From the freshly baked shoe fabric, a fragrant scent drifts. This time we are going for "Hiyaku" and "Peach Hiyaku" which added milk soft instead of cream to these shoe fabrics.

Looking at the shoe fabrics and cooking scenery that are lined up in the shop, expectations for the sweets to be offered will increase.

I will order "Peach Hiyaku" and "Hiyaku" at the cash register. Please note that both sweets are not compatible with takeout.

"Peach Hiyaku" (left) and "Hiyaku" (right) are completed in about 3 minutes.

I arranged iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm) and both Hiyaku. Both Hiyaku lengths are about 20 cm.

"Peach Hiyaku" (500 yen including tax) is a new flavor which added peach compote to "Hiyaku" which sandwiched milk soft at Crocan shoe fabric containing almond.

There is sharpness in the texture of crispy shoch fabric of crisp crackers with hinyari peach compote and milk soft. A gentle sweetness compote is a soft mellow texture and is integrated with milk soft. The juicy compote is overflowing with juice.

Next is "Hiyaku" (380 yen including tax). Also known as "Plain Hiyaku" is a dish with milk soft at Kurokan shoe fabric. "Hiyaku" appeared as a limited-for-summer item at some stores in 2016 and 2017. However, in response to the popularity of customers, it was taken to come back again in the nationwide deployment.

"Hiyaku" is stronger than "Peach Hiyaku", "Sakaku feel" of shoe fabric and "Almond's texture and flavor" strongly. I enjoyed the savory fragrance of the almonds of the dough and the rich taste of the milk soft more.

"Peach Hiyaku" and "Hiyaku" can be ordered for a limited time at all domestic stores of Crocan shoe zakaku. Both suites are offered different periods, "Peach Hiyaku" is until June 30, 2018 (Sat), "Hyakaku" is until 30th September, 2018 (Sun). Again, please check all stores of "Crocan shoe zakuaku" from the link below.

SHOP | ク ロ ッ ク ン シ ュ ザ ク ザ ク [CROQUANTCHOU ZAKUZAKU]

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