Mobile game sales exceeded 50% for the first time, Japan's mobile gamer expenditure is 1.5 times higher than in the US Movement of the game market in 2018 Summary

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An estimate was announced that the estimated 2.3 billion gamers around the world will have sales of $ 137.9 billion (about 15 trillion yen) in the entire game market in 2018. This is a 13.3% growth from the previous year, which means an increase of 16.2 billion dollars (about 1.7 trillion yen). Sales of digital games account for 91% of the total, and are expected to reach 125.2 billion dollars (about 13.65 trillion yen).

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Since the iPhone appeared in 2007, the mobile game market has been growing double digits for more than 10 years, and the growth rate in 2018 is 25.5%, 70.3 billion dollars (about 7,700 billion dollars) It is estimated to reach the yen). This is 51% of the whole game market. This is the first time that mobile sales exceed 50% of total game sales.

As a breakdown of mobile sales, smartphone games accounted for about 80% of the value of 56.4 billion dollars (about 6 trillion 14 billion yen), tablet games of 13.9 billion dollars (about 1.5 trillion yen). Also, out of the three mobile, PC, and consoles, the console is followed by mobile with 34.6 billion dollars (about 3.7 trillion yen), accounting for 25% of the total, PC is $ 32.9 billion (about 3 trillion 5800 Billion dollars).

Trends and forecasts of sales of the game market from 2012 to 2021 are as follows. In terms of past growth rates, mobile games are expected to account for 59% of the total game market in 2021. However, on the other hand, sales of PCs and consoles do not decrease, and it is thought that it grows although it is little by little.

This is a big reason that PC and console games are competing in e sports. The PC game is estimated to have an annual average growth rate of 4.2% between 2017 and 2021, and it is estimated that there will be sales of 32.3 billion dollars (about 3. 52 trillion yen) in 2021. However, it is also seen that the growth rate will be reduced, as titles replacing popular titles will not come out easily, and because the average price of PC games is low.

In addition, as a game market, Japan ranks in a big country, followed by the United States and China. The growth rate of sales is 15.1%, which is 19.2 billion dollars (about 2.9 trillion yen) in terms of amount. In Japan, mobile games have been successful, while spending of mobile games is about a third of that of North America, expenditure per capita is 1.5 times that of North American players, 2.5 times higher than that of the West I will.

As the game market, Asia Pacific ranked first in the major regions, with the proportion of which is 52% and total of 37.9 billion dollars (about 4 trillion 120 billion yen), which is overwhelming. About half of them are sales by China. Following Asia-Pacific, North America ($ 32.7 billion / about 3.6 trillion yen), Latin America ($ 580 million / about 553 billion yen) line up, and Europe & Middle East & Africa totaled $ 28.7 billion It is about 3 trillion 126 billion yen).

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