Why is "Joker" appearing in the movie "Dark Knight" an attractive enemy?

movies"dark KnightAppeared in "Joker', The hero'sBatmanIt is a very popular character despite being an enemy suffering. A movie that explains why Joker is attracting people, "attractive enemies" is published on YouTube.

The Dark Knight - Creating the Ultimate Antagonist

Dark Knight is a masterpiece with a great success both at the box office and there is no doubt that Joker, the enemy of Batman, is one of the great attractions of the work.

Joker to greet the party venue in a moment by releasing a gun while saying "Good evening, everyone!"

Joker is drawn as an attractive enemy in the dark knight, but not all works have succeeded in plotting enemies plenty full of attraction.

So what is the special point of the Joker in the Dark Knight?

I played the role of JokerHeath · leisureThere is no doubt that his achievement is also great, but the other important thing is that Joker satisfies the important points when drawing "attractive enemies".

First of all, it is good to poke "a hero's big weakness".

An attractive enemy must be strong. The stronger the enemy, the stronger the heroes are forced to fight hard, the more the persuasive power is added to the story.

Not only that the enemy is strong by the regular method, but if you can hit the weaknesses of the hero, the image of a stronger enemy becomes stronger. In that respect, the Joker will accurately punctuate Batman's biggest weakness.

Batman's greatest strength lies in its physical strength ... ...

Joker creates a situation to invalidate Batman, no matter how hard it is. In the process Joker kidnapped Heroin 's Rachel and her best friend Herbie, bring out Batman' s weakness.

A joker who laughs to Batman who knows the crisis of Rachel and Herbie and who is exaggerating, "There is nothing that threatens me, no matter how strong you are!"

Joker never feared his death ... ...

Batman imposes on himself the rule of not killing people.

Batman can not kill the Joker, but the Joker will kill people one after another. Joker pokes as a weak point even Batman's ethics.

The only way to stop the joker is to kill the joker. But Batman can not do that.

The second point is that "I press on the main character and press a hard choice".

By forcing enemy forces to put pressure on the hero and force them to make a difficult choice, the essence of the hero will be revealed.

Even in the Dark Knight, Joker pushes Rachel down and puts pressure on Batman everywhere, including to rescue Rachel instead of defeating himself to Batman.

Joker talks directly to Batman and also puts pressure on performance.

Batman thoroughly opposes the Joker and shows justice to the audience that justice does not yield to evil ... ...

Joker always goes a step ahead of Batman, and murder will never stop.

David FincherDirector's "sevenEven in the movie, the enemy always goes one step beyond the heroes.

Although the hero pursues the trace of the enemy, even the clues to the solution which the hero gets in are only part of the game the enemy sets up.

People are killed one after another at the dark knight and set as the stageGotham CityThe whole will continue to increase pressure against Batman.

In addition, Joker kidnaps Rachel and Herbie at once and confinement in different places respectively.

Batman, who was forced to choose which one to help first, will choose to help Rachel. Again, the Joker chases Batman in tough circumstances, letting him take a painful choice to reveal the essence of Batman.

Batman is forced to rethink the true self through the fight with the Joker.

The third point necessary for "attractive enemies" is to compete against the same goal as the main character.

Perhaps Joker is drawn as an overwhelming enemy in the dark knight ... ...

In other stories, it may be a position that can not be asserted as an enemy.

At first glance it may seem that Batman and Joker are heading towards a different purpose ... ...

I have the same purpose of "to realize Gotham City idealizing".

Batman's ideal is Gotham City without crime, protected by law and order ... ...

Joker aims for Gotham City where everything was wrapped in chaos.

Both are fighting over Gotham City, and the winner is limited to one of the two.

Both are limited to a certain extent, the point that they compete for purpose is also very important to increase the fun of the story. In the finale, a ferry with hundreds of people is hostage ... ...

This is by no means a "crisis of world destruction".

The audience accustomed to the movie forecasts at the meta level that "The world will not be able to make a sequel if the world is destroyed, so the world will never be destroyed" as expected.

However, when it comes to the extent of whether or not the ferry will be blown up, it becomes an idea that "In order to make the next work more tense, it may be bombarded perhaps," which makes it difficult for the audience to read the story ahead .

They are fighting "the battle over Gotham City" to the last, it is not fighting with the destruction of the human race.

So, what's the big meaning for the Joker up to this point to hunt down Batman?

Throughout the story, it is suggested that Batman must learn some lessons. Originally, Batman thought that "every evil works reasonably, seeking profits such as money, a rational existence" ... ...

As a result, you notice that there is a logical act like Joker.

In addition, Batman also learns not to underestimate enemies and that strength can also be a weak point.

Batman grows through Joker through the story of Dark Knight.

In the dark knight, Batman realized that he was able to take the ultimate choice ... ...

It will be a dark knight

An attractive enemy has a property quite opposite though it is a certain meaning as a certain meaning to the hero ...

It is a relationship like the back of a coin.

Jokers sometimes take incoherent behavior and are never enemies with overwhelming abilities.

But for Batman it is the strongest enemy that can be said to be the only one.

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