Standalone VR headset "Oculus Go" will also be on sale in Japan

Facebook is a stand-alone VR headset at the F8 conference "Oculus Go"Releasing the release of immediate sales has been lifted. Oculus Go can be purchased in Japan at the same time with the United States.

Oculus Go | Oculus

You can tell what kind of VR headset Oculus Go is by following article.

Oculus announces VCR headset "Oculus Go" of about 20,000 yen that can operate by itself - GIGAZINE

Also, what kind of "experience" can be done by looking at the official movie below is obvious.

Oculus Go features 1280 x 1440 5.5 inch display x 2. SoC is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821, storage has 32GB and 64GB, and weighs 468 grams. The biggest feature of Oculus Go is that it is a standalone type that can play VR content on its own. There is no need to connect with the PC like the full-scale VR headset "Oculus Rift", the usability is remarkably excellent due to lightweight & cableless.

The included controller can be operated with one hand. The price from 199 dollars (23,800 yen in Japan) is realized by China Xiaomi China manufactures.

At the same time as announcing by Facebook, the first touch review is also being released one after another.

Engadget said about Oculus Go, "There is no more terminal for VR inexperienced people to experience VR," said Sharpness of 2560 × 1440 resolution liquid crystal display, controller precision, and more than anything easy to use Evaluation. However, there is dissatisfaction only with battery life.

Oculus Go review: Finally, cheap and easy VR for everyone

Mashable evaluates "It is the easiest to use among the VR headsets that came out to the world and has comfortable lightness even if it is worn for more than one hour," while lighting from the nose and full charge It took three hours to point out the difficulty.

Oculus Go review: VR has never been so good for so cheap

Verge expresses Oculus Go as "a smartphone with a simplified VR headset minus a smartphone". We say that there is "graininess" and "flicker" for every VR headset, and it can not say that it is "wonderful thing".

Oculus Go review: mobile VR, minus the phone - The Verge

Tested has released a review movie about Oculus Go.

Oculus Go VR Headset Review! - YouTube

As an easy stand-alone VR headset, Oculus Go receives great evaluation on price and function, but Oculus VR is also striving to expand VR contents.

Oculus TV launches this month with a ton of streaming partners

In late May 2018, we launched VR streaming "Oculus TV" and partners such as Hulu, Showtime, Red Bull, Pluto TV, ESPN are scheduled to participate. In addition, Oculus TV will be used as a platform for launching other VR applications such as Netflix and Facebook Video applications.

Oculus Go can be purchased official website. The 32GB model is 23,800 yen, the 64GB model is 19,800 yen (both including tax and free shipping).

Oculus Go | Oculus

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